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Q: How Do I Cite an Article/Chapter Reprinted From Another Source?

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    Elise BarbeauElise Barbeau

    Here is how you would do this in APA style:

    Piaget, J. (1988). Extracts from Piaget’s theory. In K. Richardson (Ed.) Cognitive development to adolescence: A reader (pp. 3-18). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. (Reprinted from Manual of child psychology, pp. 703-732, by P. H. Mussen, Ed., 1970, New York: Wiley)
    In the text include both publication years: (Piaget, 1970/1988).
    If you don’t have the original publication information, you can just use the year of the book. (See above.)
    This information can be found in the Publication Manual of the APA 7.02, page 26.

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