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Sometimes when your teacher assigns an essay, it’s hard to know where to begin. Staring at blank pages is intimidating, researching a topic is time consuming, and sifting through information on the Internet feels like a never-ending task. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be!

Even if you are given a general subject to write about, like the Civil Rights Movement, it usually has to be narrowed down before you start writing. Using this example, you might ask questions like:  

  • What black history facts do I already know? What are the basics? Are there little known black history facts I can explore?
  • Who are important figures? (e.g., Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, etc.)
  • Should I include black history quotes? (with an appropriate MLA or APA in-text citation)
  • What are key Civil Right Movement themes or moments?
  • What should I cite and do I need an MLA or APA reference page?

Gathering general information and narrowing down the overall themes and issues associated with your topic can be a good place to start. That’s why we created EasyBib Topic Guides to help you with these crucial first steps.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular topics fellow students are citing on and created these guides to provide guidance as you start your research.

Get inspired with fun history facts and quotes

Each of these guides will give you a basic overview of your subject, and additional information to kick off your brainstorming and research process. This includes interesting history facts, popular themes associated with the topic, memorable history quotes, or links to credible, hand-picked sources for more detailed information.

Whether your teacher gave you a general topic or the the freedom to choose what you would like to write about, these guides are a great place to start finding ideas for your paper or project.

Stay ahead of the game and easily cite your favorite sources

As you learn more about your topic and gather information, it’s time to cite the sources of the information, ideas, history quotes, history facts, images, etc., that you use for your paper. Make it easy on yourself and use the resources at to help you create citations in MLA format, APA format, and more styles!

Biographical topic guides

Discover the backgrounds of amazing people who led complex lives! Read our biographical topic guides and learn about interesting history facts, history quotes, polarizing social themes and issues, little known black history facts, the careers of beloved writers, the origins of celebrities, and more!

  • Muhammad Ali – American professional boxer who’s considered one of the greatest and most controversial sports figures of his time. This guide includes black history facts about and black history quotes from Ali.
  • Winston Churchill – British statesman who is best known for serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. He has many history quotes about success, failure, and strategy.
  • Albert Einstein – Famous physicist best known for his theory of relativity. Science-related history facts: He won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics, and conducted research that helped lead to the creation of the atomic bomb.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – American Baptist Minister who is one of the most recognizable leaders of the American Civil Rights movement. Along with black history facts about King, this guide has black history quotes from his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.
  • Abraham Lincoln – The 16th President of the United States. Black history facts: He was president through American Civil War, and issued the Emancipation Proclamation that abolished slavery in the U.S.
  • Marilyn Monroe – Actress and singer famous in the 1950’s as a “blonde bombshell.” Died young and mysteriously.
  • Dr. Seuss – Children’s book illustrator and author known for inventive characters, stories that addressed social issues, and poetic style.
  • Mother Teresa – Roman Catholic nun who’s considered one of the most notable humanitarians of the 20th century.
  • Mark Twain – American writer famous for works like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, both of which are considered literary classics today.
  • Malcolm X – American Muslim minister and outspoken civil rights activist. His topic guide has many black history facts and some of his controversial black history quotes.

Found a few quotes to add to your paper? Be sure to add an APA citation or MLA in-text & parenthetical citations for every quote you refer to, as well as build an MLA or APA bibliography with your full references list. can help!

Literary topic guides

Go beyond a book’s words to uncover the deeper meanings of its characters, events, issues, and historical context. There are also history facts and references for further research.

Creating an MLA or APA book citation for your paper is simple with

Subject-specific guides

Get a high-level overview of popular project topics and the issues surrounding them.

Do you have an article that needs an MLA or APA journal citation? Are you searching for an MLA or APA citation website guide? has got your back!

Don’t forget to cite your sources (with a little help)

Cite all the inspiring book or history quotes, political history facts, random knowledge, little known Black history facts, literary quotes, notable dates, famous ideas, and anything else you use in your paper at

Even if you’ve never had to create a citation before, it’s ok! EasyBib resources were designed to help you easily create an MLA works cited, generate a APA parenthetical citation, cite websites in MLA, footnotes in Chicago style, and other bibliographic notes. Best of all, is available whenever you need it, 24/7.

Forgot everything you used in your paper? Upload your paper to the EasyBib Plus plagiarism checker to see a list of sources that may be related to your paper and need to be cited.

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