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If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect solution for your Harvard referencing needs, look no further! The EasyBib referencing tool is here to bring some much-needed relief to your research and Harvard-style writing assignments. 

If you’re wondering what the EasyBib reference generator is, what Harvard styles it offers, how to use it, and what this magical tool is all about, this article is here to provide you with the ins and outs of this fabulous resource. 

What exactly is the EasyBib reference generator? 

The EasyBib reference generator is your one-stop-shop for building top-notch Harvard citations and references. In just a few clicks and keystrokes, the generator can create your Harvard references for you! The end result? Beautifully styled Harvard citations that can be copied and pasted, or uploaded, into your research papers and projects. 

How do you use the reference generator?

The EasyBib reference generator provides automatically generated citations for certain sources, such as websites, books, journal articles, and others. This means that you only need a little information to get started; the other details will be automatically found and populated by the reference generator. 

Start off by inputting a book or article’s title, the DOI number, or even a website URL into the generator. All of these pieces of information are enough to start the citation process. From there, you’ll choose the correct source from a list and then review the found information for the source. After you confirm all this, a few clicks will lead to an automatically formatted citation that is ready for use in your paper! Easy, right?

Does it create both in-text citations and full references?

Harvard referencing style requires two types of citations:

  • In-text citation
  • Reference in a reference list

Harvard in-text citations are included within your paper’s text and come directly after a source is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. This tells the reader that the idea or passage they are reading came from another source.

Every Harvard in-text citation has a corresponding reference in a references list at the end of the paper. This has more details than the in-text citation, which helps the reader locate the original source should they need it.

The EasyBib referencing generator can happily help you with both! First, it’ll help you create a full reference of the source. Once that is done, there is a tool to help you easily create an accurate in-text citation.

Why should I use the EasyBib reference generator? 

There’s a reason why millions of students use the EasyBib citation generator each and every school year. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Find the Harvard style you need

Harvard referencing style depends largely on the academic institution, publisher, or book you are following. For this very reason, the EasyBib reference generator has over 70 styles of Harvard referencing available. This means you are more likely to find the Harvard style you need.

A colossal assortment of sources

Whether you’re citing a website, advertisement, or online video, with over 50 source types to choose from, the EasyBib reference generator has you covered! 

Save time

Stop spending hours poring over your references! The real beauty of the EasyBib reference generator is how much time it could help you save building a reference list. Rather than looking up how to style references for each and every source, use the EasyBib reference generator and citation forms to create them quickly! When you’re rushing to meet a deadline, the EasyBib Harvard reference generator could be a lifesaver.

Effortless citing

The days of tediously piecing together Harvard references and citations are long gone! By typing in just a few, small bits of information, such as the title of the source, or the author’s name, our advanced technology scours the Internet and generates the complete citation for you! Simple, easy, and painless are just a few words that come to mind! 

How do I access the EasyBib reference generator?

Ready to get started? A subscription to EasyBib Plus provides you with everything you need to build your Harvard references. In addition to the handy reference generator, you’ll also be able to access all of these incredible tools: 

EasyBib grammar checker

If you’re thinking the EasyBib grammar checker is your everyday spellchecker, think again. It also provides instant grammar suggestions to kick your writing up a notch. If you have subject-verb agreement issues that need to be addressed or are struggling with clarity in your writing, the EasyBib grammar check can be of service! It could help not only spot the errors but also will provide suggestions to fix them. Scan your paper today and give this handy tool a whirl! 

EasyBib plagiarism checker

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to scour through sources, take notes, and compose an original paper. Plus, styling those references and citations can be tricky! Thanks to the EasyBib plagiarism checker, you can feel confident that your paper is free of instances of plagiarism. 

This remarkable tool scans your paper while simultaneously scanning the Internet for any matching text. The plagiarism checker will highlight any areas that need attention, and if a Harvard reference or citation is needed, use the reference generator to build one!  

Expert Check

Need a second set of eyes to review and edit your paper prior to submission? Luckily for you, there are Chegg Writing experts on call, ready and waiting, for you to upload your paper so they can review it. With a turnaround time of 48 hours or less, our writing experts will provide you with a detailed feedback report on the structure and content of your paper. You can count on every report to be personalized to the type of paper you’ve submitted.

Sounds good! How can I get started?

If you’re wondering how to snag access to the EasyBib reference generator and all of these amazing tools for your next writing assignment, simply head over to www.easybib.com. After a quick subscription sign-up, you’ll receive access to the EasyBib reference generator, plus the grammar checker, plagiarism checker, AND Expert Check. 

Looking to test the waters before committing to a month? No problem! With a 3-day trial*, you can give all of these incredible tools a whirl. So, what are you waiting for? Try out EasyBib Plus and unlock the magic of these research and writing tools! 

*See Terms and Conditions

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