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Get a quick introduction to English grammar with’s informative grammar guides! Created to give anyone a solid overview of grammar basics, these guides examine 9 essential parts of speech that are used in everyday life. Learn about each part through clear definitions, easy-to-understand example sentences, and word lists that’ll help you immediately use what you’ve just read. Read on to discover the power of determiners, explore different adjective types, master tricky subject-verb agreement, learn fun interjections, become more adept at using adverbs, and much more!

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  • Adjective – This wonder word has the power to affect the meaning of a sentence and bring a scene to life! Read on to learn how they work and peruse a list of examples.
  • Adverb – As the question masters of grammar, adverbs have the power to both ask questions (How are you?) and help answer them in detail (I’m doing very well). Get the what, how, and why with our guide.
  • Conjunction – You may have already guessed that these words are the literal conjunctions of sentences. Check out our guide to see how they bring clauses together and make speaking and writing sound more natural.
  • DeterminerMeet your best friend in determining what a noun is referring to! Learn about the different types, including quantifiers, articles, demonstratives, possessives, distributives, and interrogatives.
  • Interjection – Yay! It’s time to talk about the words we use to express (and interject) emotion into our conversations. You’ll also find a list of fun examples you can start using right away.
  • Noun – Every thing, person, place, and idea is a noun—making it hard to avoid! So why not read our guide and become familiar with this important part of speech?
  • Preposition – Context is key. That’s why prepositions are so important—they demonstrate how words or phrases relate to each other within a sentence. Master them today with our grammar guide!
  • Pronoun You, me, and everybody have something in common: All these words are pronouns! Find out more about what they are, the types that exist, and when to use them.
  • Verb – Time to get active with our comprehensive guide on verbs! Gain a verb definition, review example sentences, and explore this word’s various categories and tenses.

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