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"Caught comma errors that I actually struggle with even after proofreading myself."

- Natasha J.

"I find the suggestions to be extremely helpful especially as they can instantly take you to that section in your paper for you to fix any and all issues related to the grammar or spelling error(s)."

- Catherine R.

A spell checker for everyone

Trust the EasyBib spell checker to help you spot spelling errors and typos. It only takes a few moments to upload or paste a paper and get your spell checker results.

A reliable spell checker is a valuable tool to have when completing your coursework. English borrows words from languages all over the world; some experts suggest there are over one million words in the English vocabulary. It would prove impossible to spell them all correctly even if you dedicated your life to etymology.

No wonder it’s natural for everyone to make a few mistakes as they write. That’s why the EasyBib spell checker was created.

Every EasyBib spell checker uses AI-enhanced technology to spot typos and advanced mistakes so that you can submit your best possible work.

Why is spelling important? 

Correct spelling is a must for any writing that you want to be taken seriously. Even just a few typos and misspelled words can impact how your entire paper is viewed. Take this opening line of a paper:

I wanted two meat my grandmother, but that wood never happen.

This sentence makes an immediate impression, and it’s not a positive one. As you can see, spelling errors do the following:

  • Make it hard for the reader to figure out the meaning of a sentence.
  • Can cause a sentence to have an entirely different meaning.
  • Give readers a negative impression of the writer (you).
  • Can lower your paper’s grade.

Imagine countless hours of research and all-nighters undermined by misspelled words. That’s why it’s so important to get spelling right. Whether you’re submitting homework, applying to a part-time job, or writing a paper for a class, the EasyBib spell checker is here to help!

Not your average spell checker

Spell check isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon. In fact, the first spell checking software was invented in the late 1970s, and this technology has grown more sophisticated ever since. No need to lug that dictionary with you to campus. And auto-correct, while infamous for embarrassing texting blunders, has made real-time spelling adjustment software the status quo.

The EasyBib spell checker considers the entire context of your writing and provides fast feedback. The spell checker works in conjunction with a grammar checker, making sure you use the appropriate word for your situation. One check will:

  • Identify spelling issues and typos
  • Search for 400+ grammar errors
  • Provide suggestions on how to improve your writing

There is so much one EasyBib spell check can help you with.

Common errors

EasyBib spell checker helps answer some of English’s great questions:

  • How many S’s are in the word necessary?
  • Should you use affect or effect?
  • Should you seperate or separate your laundry?
  • Is the rule truly I before E except after C? How does one explain the word glacier then?

Many of the common mistakes we all make can be identified and corrected with help from an EasyBib spell check. The spell checker also goes beyond simple spelling correctness and catches homophone and capitalization errors as well.


Homophones are words that sound similar but have different meanings and different spellings. Some common examples include:

  • Should you attend their party, there party, or they’re party?
  • Do you report to the school principle or principal?
  • Did you run and then shower or run and than shower?
  • Do you place an ad in the paper or an add in the paper?
  • Are you feeling board or bored?

So, while you may know how to spell a word correctly, you may be using it in the wrong context. Having a spell checker like the EasyBib spell checker will let you know the difference.

Some spell checkers may only search for misspelled words. You may use the wrong word entirely, even though you spell it correctly. Imagine the following example:

It’s important to get along with your pears.

While fruit basket harmony is definitely important, your relationships with your ‘peers’ should take precedence.


While proper nouns and brand names are easy enough to recognize and capitalize, what about the seasons? Or the four directions?

  • I’m attending college this fall.
  • I’m enrolling for Fall semester.
  • Campus is located south of my hometown.
  • I love the food in the South.

These little nuances can be tricky to catch and spell correctly.

It’s easy to do a spell check

Simply copy and paste your essay into the proofreading tool at the top of this page, click “Check my paper,” and you’ll quickly receive a free grammar and spell check.

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No matter if you use the free or premium service, the spell checker and other essay writing services are available when most convenient for you, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can cancel anytime.

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