How to Cite TV or Radio in Chicago/Turabian

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Note: The Chicago Manual of Style does not have an explicit citation structure for TV or radio/podcast episodes or series. This citation is modeled after best practices suggested by librarians and The Chicago Manual of Style’s Q&A website and on guidance given in 14.261, 14.265, and 14.267 in the 17th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style for the notes-bibliography style. 

TV Episode Structure:


1. TV Series Name, season #, episode #, “Episode Title,” directed by First Name Last Name, written by First Name Last Name (if relevant), featuring Actors’ First Names Last Names (if relevant), aired Month Day, Year, on Network, URL (if applicable).


Director Last Name, First Name, dir. TV Series Name. Season #, episode #, “Episode Title.” Aired Month Day, Year, on Network. URL (if applicable).


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Note: The episode’s writer and stars can be included in your citation but are not always necessary. If you cannot find the necessary bibliographic data within the episode’s credit, consult or a similar website. 

TV Episode Example:


1. House, M.D., season 5, episode 20, “Simple Explanation,” directed by Greg Yaitanes, written by Leonard Dick, aired April 6, 2009, on FOX,


Yaitanes, Greg, dir. House, M.D. Season 5, episode 20, “Simple Explanation.” Written by Leonard Dick. Aired April 6, 2009, on FOX.

Radio/Podcast Episode Structure:


1. Host’s First Name Last Name, “Episode Title,” publication/air date of episode, in Radio/Podcast Series Name, produced by First Name Last Name, radio/podcast, format, length of episode, URL.


Host’s Last Name, First Name. “Episode Title.” Produced by First Name Last Name. Radio/Podcast Series Name, publication/air date of episode. Radio/Podcast, length. URL.

Radio/Podcast Episode Example:


1. Ophira Eisenberg, “Mary Wiseman: Live Long And BLEEP,” January 26, 2018, in Ask Me Another, produced by Travis Larchuk, podcast, MP3 audio, 52:13,


Eisenberg, Ophira. “Mary Wiseman: Live Long And BLEEP.” Produced by Travis Larchuk. Ask Me Another, January 26, 2018. Podcast, 52:13.

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