How To Cite the Bible in Chicago/Turabian

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When citing the Bible in Chicago style, the citation structure remains the same no matter what format of Bible you are using (in print, online, etc.). This guide will show you how to cite the Bible in notes-bibliography style using the 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.

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In Chicago, it is not necessary to cite scripture from the Bible in your bibliography. Instead, citation information should only be included in the notes. Since there are many different versions of the Bible, you should be sure to specify which version you are referring to in the note.

Note Structure:

1. Abbreviated Book Chapter:Verse(s) (Version Name).

Note Example:

1. Gen. 3:2-5 (New International Version).

Note: After the first note, the name of the version can be abbreviated. For example (New International Version) could be abbreviated to (NIV).

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