How to Cite a Conference Paper in APA

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Last name, FM. (Year published). Title of Paper or Proceedings, Title of Conference, Location, Date. Place of publication: Publisher.


Cloyd, AM. (2014). Surveying students: A look at citation habits of college students, presented at EasyBib Info Lit Conference, New York City, 2014. New York, NY: EasyBib Publishing.



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Can I use only the URL instead of the DOI number for online sources in APA style?

You should not use URL if the DOI number is present. The following rules will help you identify when to use DOIs and when to use URLs in references:

  1. If both the DOI and URL are given, include only the DOI and do not include the URL.
  2. If you only have the URL, follow the recommendations below:
    • Add a URL in the reference list entry for publications from websites (other than databases).
    • For databases of academic research, which are easily accessible, do not include a URL or database information in the reference. In this case, the reference will be the same as the print version.
    • For publications from databases that publish limited or proprietary work that would only be available in that database, add the name of the database and the URL of the work.
What is an in-text citation example for a conference paper in APA?

The in-text citation of a conference paper in APA is similar to the in-text citations used for a journal article or a book chapter. You need to know the names of the author and the publication year to cite a conference paper. Here, you can see in-text citation templates and examples for APA conference papers with one, two, and more than two authors.

One author


Author Surname (Publication Year)

Goldstein (1999)


(Author Surname, Publication Year)

(Goldstein, 1999)

Two authors


Author Surname1 and Author Surname2 (Publication Year)

Thomas and Solomon (1998)


(Author Surname1 & Author Surname2, Publication Year)

(Thomas & Solomon, 1998)

More than two authors


Author Surname1 et al. (Publication Year)

David et al. (2004)


(Author Surname1 et al., Publication Year)

(David et al., 2004)