How to Cite a Newspaper in APA


Newspaper: A daily or weekly publication that contains news; often featuring articles on political events, crime, business, art, entertainment, society, and sports.

How to cite a newspaper in print


Author, F.M. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article Title. Newspaper Title, pp. xx-xx.

Note: If the article is printed on discontinuous pages, list all of the page numbers/ranges and separate them with a comma. (e.g., pp. C2, C4, C7-9.)

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Bowman, L. (1990, March 7). Bills Target Lake Erie Mussels. Pittsburgh Press, pp. A4


How to cite a newspaper article found online


Author, F.M. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article Title. Newspaper Title. Retrieved from newspaper homepage URL


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Kaplan, K. (2013, October 22). Flu shots may reduce risk of heart attacks, strokes and even death. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from

Note: Use the URL of the newspaper’s home page to avoid broken links.

Tips for citing online newspaper articles

  • You do not need to include retrieval information (e.g., date of access) in APA citations for electronic resources.
  • If you found a newspaper article through an online database (e.g., EBSCO’s Academic Search Complete), you do not need to include that information in the citation, either.
  • If a URL runs across multiple lines of text in the citation, break the URL off before punctuation (e.g., periods, forward slashes) – except http://.
  • When you use a bibliography tool like EasyBib to help you with your citations, make sure you are citing a newspaper article – not a website!


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