How to Cite a Kindle E-Book Reader in APA, MLA, or Chicago

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The citation for an e-book is the same regardless of which type of e-reader is used to read the e-book. However, we recommend the following rules if you’d like to include information about your specific e-reader in your citation.

For MLA, the kind of e-reader can be added to the end of the citation as supplemental information.


Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. E-book ed., Pottermore Publishing, 2015. Kindle.

For APA, cite the source as you would a regular book but add the DOI number or URL at the end.


Rowling, J. K. (2015). Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. Pottermore Publishing.

For Chicago, like in MLA, we recommend citing the source as a book and adding a description at the end of the reference.


Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. New York: Pottermore Publishing, 2015. Kindle edition.

You can modify the citation on EasyBib by clicking Edit, and then clicking the custom edit link.

Updated June 19, 2021.


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What are some tips for citing an e-book in MLA format?

To cite an e-book, you will need to have basic information including the book’s author or editor, publication year, title, and publisher. The templates and examples for in-text citations and works cited list entries for e-books are provided below:

In-text citation template and example:

In parenthetical citations, use the author’s surname.


(Author Surname)


Citation in prose:

Author Surname…

According to Glaude…

Works cited list entry template and example:


Author’s Surname, First Name. Title of the Book. E-Book ed., Publisher, Publication Date.


Glaude, Eddie. Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own. E-Book ed., Crown, 2020.

Use “E-Book ed.” after the title of the book to indicate that you are referencing the e-book edition of the book.

How do I cite a Kindle book without page numbers?

To cite a Kindle book without page numbers in APA and MLA styles, it is important that you know basic information such as the name of the author, title of the book, publisher name, and publication date. For in-text citations, the page number should simply be omitted. The below examples show how to cite a Kindle book without page numbers in your full reference or works cited entries.

APA reference list


Surname, F. M. (Publication Year). Title of the book. Publisher. URL


Tagore, R. (2011). Stories from Tagore. Amazon.

MLA works cited list


Last Name, First Name. Title of the Book. E-book ed., Publisher, publication date. Kindle (supplemental).


Tagore, Rabindranath. Stories from Tagore. E-book ed., Amazon, 2011. Kindle.