How to Cite a Museum Exhibit in APA, MLA or Chicago

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You can cite an entire art exhibition in many different styles. This page covers three different styles:

If you’re looking to cite a single piece of artwork, see one of these resources:


MLA format

If only one artist is featured, list the artist first, followed by the exhibition name.

Works Cited Structure (single artist):

Artist Last Name, First Name. Exhibition Name. Exhibition dates, Museum or Gallery Name, Location.

Works Cited Example (single artist):

Kusama, Yayoi. Kusama: Cosmic Nature. 10 Apr.-31 Oct. 2021, New York Botanical Garden, New York.

In-text Citation Structure (single artist):

(Artist Last Name)

In-text Citation Example (single artist):


If various artists are featured, list the exhibition name first.

Works Cited Example (various artists):

Poetry and Patronage: The Laubespine-Villeroy Library Rediscovered. 16 Oct. 2020-16 May 2021, Morgan Library & Museum, New York.

In-text Citation Structure (various):

(Exhibition Name*)

In-text Citation Example (various artists):

(Poetry and Patronage)

*Note: If the exhibition name is long, it can be shortened to the first noun clause in parenthetical citations. 

If citing a permanent exhibition, leave the end date blank (if an opening date is known). If no date is known, leave the date section blank.

Date example (permanent exhibition):  14 Feb. 2018-


APA format

If there is no curator listed, begin the reference with the exhibition name.

Structure (no curator):

Exhibition name [Exhibition]. (Year or Year-Year). Museum or Gallery Name, City, State if applicable, Country. URL if applicable

Examples (no curator):

Kusama: cosmic nature [Exhibition]. (2021). New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY, United States.

Modern Japanese lacquer [Exhibition]. (2021-2022). Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If there is a known curator(s), list them first as the author.

Structure (curator known):

Curator Last Name, Initials. (Year or Year-Year). Exhibition name [Exhibition]. Museum or Gallery Name, City, State if applicable, Country. URL if applicable

Example (curator known):

Ikemoto, W. N. E. (2020-2021). Dreaming together [Exhibition]. New-York Historical Society, New York, NY, United States.

Chicago style

If you’re citing an exhibition catalog, you cite it as a book. However, citing an exhibition catalog can result in a long citation. With this in mind, Chicago Manual of Style also allows for the concise format shown below.


Editor Last Name, First Name Middle., ed. Exhibition Catalog Title. Location: Museum Name, Publication Year. Exhibition catalog.


Cristosomo, Christian D., ed. Marvels and Myths: Examinations of Gods. Chicago: Museum of Comics and Culture, 2021. Exhibition catalog.

To cite a museum exhibit, you may also use our miscellaneous form. To use Chicago style for the form, you will need a subscription to EasyBib Plus.



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