How to Cite an Interview in MLA

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Interview – Published in a magazine, newspaper, website, or on TV/radio.

Citing an interview in print

Interview Citation Structure:

Interviewee Last, First M. “Interview Title.” Interview by First M. Last. Magazine Name, Date Month Year, pp. page number(s).

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Interview Citation Example:

Obama, Michelle. “Oprah Talks to Michelle Obama.” Interview by Oprah Winfrey. O, The Oprah Magazine, Apr. 2009, pp. 116-125.

Citing a personal interview

Personal Interview Citation Structure:

Last Name of Interviewee, First Name M. Type of Interview (Personal Interview, Phone Interview, Skype Interview, etc.). Date.

Personal Interview Citation Example:

Cloyd, Allison. Personal interview. 24 July 2014.


Interview in-text citations

Interview In-text Citation Structure:

(Interviewee Last Name Page #)

Interview In-text Citation Example:

(Obama 118)




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