How to Cite an App in MLA

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Mobile apps are a constantly available source of information, and students are increasingly turning to these tools to conduct research and write papers. Here are some tips on how to cite a mobile app in MLA format, 8th edition.


Author if available. App Title. *Rights holder, date of publication. Version #. Title of Website with App, download URL.

*Note that the rights holder may be an individual but is often a group or company, and that the date reflects the year the version you used was released, even though previous versions may have been released in different years. An easy way to find the rights holder is to look for the copyright symbol (©).

The rights holder is the person or group that owns the right to distribute the app itself; most often this is the “seller.” The author is the person who built the app or maintains it over time.  Unless the individual author is clearly available, citing the rights holder is preferred.


Reuters. Thomson Reuters Corporation, 2017. Vers. 3.2.1. Apple App Store,



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