Search for sources and build bibliographies easily


Millions of students use EasyBib to cite the best sources used in their research—and you can, too. It’s easy to start!

In the search box above:

  1. Choose the type of source you’re using
  2. Enter information on your source
  3. Click “cite this” to start searching

From there, will help you to automatically cite your source. MLA is the default format for citations, but if you’re looking for APA, Chicago Manual of Style, or another format, checkout EasyBib Plus.

Need a full bibliography? Search. Cite. Repeat. It’s a virtuous cycle of citing that will help you build a bibliography quickly and easily.

You may ask, how is this possible? We’ve made these sources searchable through technological advances and key partnerships. That way you can work smarter, not harder.

Something else that’s smart? Proofreading your work before you turn it in. That’s exactly what the EasyBib Plus grammar and plagiarism checker can help you do. At any time of day, run an assignment through the checker to spot writing errors, receive suggestions that can improve your paper, and identify text that may need a citation.

Grammar guides are also available for anyone who wants to have a solid grasp of grammar. Ask the question “what is a verb,” learn a pronoun definition, have fun with a list of interjections, and read up on other parts of speech.

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