What are MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian?


When you’re researching a topic, it’s important to give credit to any source you’ve decide to use information from. Depending upon the type of research you’re conducting, and the type of project you’re creating from that research, you will use any one of a variety of citation styles.

The following provides information about three of the most common citation styles: MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian.

What is MLA?

The Modern Language Association created the MLA Style, currently in its 8th edition, to provide researchers with guidelines for writing and documenting scholarly borrowings.  Most often used in the humanities, MLA style (or MLA format) has been adopted and used by numerous other disciplines, in multiple parts of the world.

MLA provides standard rules to follow so that most research papers are formatted in a similar manner. This makes it easier for readers to comprehend the information. The MLA in-text citation guidelines, MLA works cited standards, and MLA annotated bibliography instructions provide scholars with the information they need to properly cite sources in their research papers, articles, and assignments.

What is APA

The American Psychological Association created the APA citation style in 1929 as a way to help psychologists, anthropologists, and even business managers establish one common way to cite sources and present content. It is used when citing sources for academic articles such as journals, and is intended to help readers better comprehend content, and to avoid language bias wherever possible.

The APA style (or APA format) is now in its 7th edition, and provides citation style guides for virtually any type of resource.

What is Chicago/Turabian

The Chicago/Turabian style of citing sources is generally used when citing sources for humanities papers, and is best known for its requirement that writers place bibliographic citations at the bottom of a page or at the end of a paper.

The Turabian style is named after its creator, Kate L. Turabian, who created it for the University of Chicago. The Turabian and Chicago citation styles are almost identical, but the Turabian style is geared towards student published papers such as theses and dissertations, while the Chicago style provides guidelines for all types of publications. This is why you’ll commonly see Chicago style and Turabian style presented together.

The Chicago Manual of Style is currently in its 17th edition, and Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations is in its 8th edition.

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