Adjectives that start with Z

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What is an adjective?

An adjective describes a noun or modifies it.

The use of adjectives is an essential part of our daily conversations. There are 26 letters in the modern English alphabet, and Z is the final letter. An adjective is a word used to describe the things and places in our world. They enable us to attribute countless characteristics to people and things around us. There is no obvious answer to the question of why there aren’t many adjectives beginning with Z. In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several Z adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of Z adjectives


  • Definition: (of a woman) being overweight yet attractively proportioned, plump
  • Synonyms: curvaceous, shapely, full-figured
  • Example sentence: A zaftig blonde actress was playing the lead.


  • Definition: in a funny way, odd, startling, or out of control
  • Synonyms: humorous, quirky, silly
  • Example sentence: Michael’s zany tricks made us all laugh.


  • Definition: enthused and motivated
  • Synonyms: passionate, devoted, ferocious
  • Example sentence: The shop employee is quite zealous about getting his work done.


  • Definition: of, on, or being at or close to the zenith
  • Synonyms: capital, chief, head
  • Example sentence: A dense black cloud wall surrounds the horizon, although the zenithal portion is visible.


  • Definition: numbered zero in a series
  • Synonyms: nil, none,
  • Example sentence: What is the zeroth power of that number?


  • Definition: energized and enthusiastic
  • Synonyms: vivacious, flamboyant, lively
  • Example sentence: Her zestful performance helped the movie become a huge hit.


  • Definition: having a shape that swerves alternatively to the right and left
  • Synonyms: crinkled, jagged, twisted
  • Example sentence: Traveling on that zigzag road was enjoyable.


  • Definition: relating to a very large yet approximate number
  • Synonyms: limitless, massive
  • Example sentence: I have warned you for the zillionth time not to do that.


  • Definition: sharp and pleasant to the senses
  • Synonyms: zesty, pungent, spicy
  • Example sentence: The combination of different peppers made this a zingy


  • Definition: spirited or quick; fresh or lively in style
  • Synonyms: brisk, quick, energetic
  • Example sentence: I suppose Sherry is a bit of a zippy


  • Definition: relating to the zodiac
  • Synonyms: celestial, astrological, heavenly
  • Example sentence: The fortune-teller told me that this is my zodiacal


  • Definition: having a round, full body; plump (typically used of a woman)
  • Synonyms: fat, swollen, rotund, zaftig
  • Example sentence: She is a zoftig


  • Definition: something that reflects Emile Zola’s (a French novelist) style
  • Synonyms: zolaistic
  • Example sentence: A zolaesque novel always keeps you hooked.


  • Definition: of or set up in zones
  • Synonyms: peripheral, zonal
  • Example sentence: The next few days will see the weather continue in a zonal


  • Definition: about the study of animals through science, specifically their structure
  • Synonyms: biological, zoologic
  • Example sentence: They studied him like a zoological


  • Definition: (of a creature) eating other creatures
  • Synonyms: carnivorous, predaceous
  • Example sentence: I’ll have to create a new category for him and refer to him as a zoophagous


  • Definition: concerning the cheekbone
  • Synonyms: facial, outside
  • Example sentence: The zygomatic arch is a very thin structure in the skull.


  • Definition: bearing bilateral symmetry, like pea plant blooms
  • Synonyms: regular, uniform, reliable
  • Example sentence: The flowers are extremely zygomorphic and are carried on pedicels.


  • Definition: resembling an enzyme; in biochemistry related to fermentation
  • Synonyms: biochemical
  • Example sentence: The need for zymoid medications was great.


  • Definition: of, about, or resulting in fermentation
  • Synonyms: zymolytic
  • Example sentence: In the lab, zymotic reactions were being conducted.

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