Adjectives that start with A

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What is an adjective?

An adjective is a word that qualifies, quantifies, or describes a noun or a pronoun.

Hundreds of adjectives start with the letter A, as this is an extremely popular vowel in the English language. These adjectives help make your writing alluring and appealing. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain A adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences to help you become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of A adjectives


  • Definition: continuation of a particular state
  • Synonyms: enduring, prolonged
  • Example sentence: Her abiding love of reading began all the way back in first grade.


  • Definition: enough to fulfill some requirements
  • Synonyms: sufficient, appropriate
  • Example sentence: I had an adequate lunch; it wasn’t my favorite, but it filled me up.


  • Definition: deserving high esteem or admiration
  • Synonyms: commendable, praiseworthy
  • Example sentence: Her dedication to her family is truly admirable.


  • Definition: being cute or loveable
  • Synonyms: precious, beautiful
  • Example sentence: The child actors in the play were adorable.


  • Definition: having preference or inclination toward adventure
  • Synonyms: daring, enterprising
  • Example sentence: Only adventurous trekkers walk beyond the prohibited sign.


  • Definition: being of a reasonable price
  • Synonyms: economical, inexpensive
  • Example sentence: It was very hard to find an affordable place to live in the expensive city.


  • Definition: having the ability or potential to attract people
  • Synonyms: attractive, captivating
  • Example sentence: The alluring show brought in a large audience.


  • Definition: being without anyone else
  • Synonyms: solitary, single
  • Example sentence: I was alone in the house while my parents were on vacation.


  • Definition: being reserved or distant
  • Synonyms: remote, detached
  • Example sentence: She remained aloof at the gathering instead of chatting with others.


  • Definition: causing amazement or wonder
  • Synonyms: astonishing, astounding
  • Example sentence: Her beautiful drawing on the canvas is amazing.


  • Definition: unclear or open to multiple explanations or interpretations
  • Synonyms: vague, unclear
  • Example sentence: His statement was too ambiguous for me to understand what he meant.


  • Definition: showcasing or presenting great motivation
  • Synonyms: aspiring, desirous
  • Example sentence: Her ambitious personality helped her become the CEO at a young age.


  • Definition: likeable or sociable in nature
  • Synonyms: amicable, agreeable
  • Example sentence: Although he may look unfriendly, he is perfectly amiable.


  • Definition: feeling nervous or worried
  • Synonyms: fearful, concerned
  • Example sentence: The child was anxious of crossing the street, so she held her dad’s hand.


  • Definition: having or showing a desire to apologize
  • Synonyms: regretful, remorseful
  • Example sentence: The hotel manager wrote me an apologetic letter after my minor accident.


  • Definition: extremely horrifying or terrible
  • Synonyms: shocking, horrendous
  • Example sentence: The tornado left the most appalling conditions in the village area.


  • Definition: Being attractive or having an appeal
  • Synonyms: captivating, fascinating
  • Example sentence: It was an appealing idea to celebrate abroad.


  • Definition: appropriate or ready to apply
  • Synonyms: suitable, relevant
  • Example sentence: The offer is applicable only on birthdays, so don’t forget to use it then.


  • Definition: presenting a good omen
  • Synonyms: fortunate, promising
  • Example sentence: You are cordially invited to the auspicious occasion of our wedding.


  • Definition: genuine
  • Synonyms: real, original
  • Example sentence: The regional seal proved that the letter is authentic.

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