Adjectives that start with I

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe nouns or pronouns.

Numerous adjectives start with the letter I, as this is an extremely popular vowel in the English language. Good knowledge of adjectives can always make your language impactful. It can save you from seeming ignorant and make your writing ideal. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain I adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences, so you can become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of I adjectives


  • Definition: being unfriendly or cold
  • Synonyms: frosty, chilly, frigid
  • Example sentence: She gave her enemy an icy


  • Definition: describing the most suitable situation for someone
  • Synonyms: most suitable, perfect
  • Example sentence: You should check the ideal season for the tour.


  • Definition: having the goal of perfection
  • Synonyms: utopian, impractical, unrealistic
  • Example sentence: They have an idealistic vision of the future, but I wish they would make realistic plans.


  • Definition: looking exactly like someone or something else
  • Synonyms: indistinguishable, twin
  • Example sentence: The identical presentations exposed plagiarism.



  • Definition: describing something that can be distinguished from others
  • Synonyms: recognizable, detectable
  • Example sentence: The culprit is easily identifiable by the scar on his cheek.



  • Definition: acting stupidly or thinking in a foolish way
  • Synonyms: silly, witless, stupid, foolish
  • Example sentence: People used to think that Galileo’s ideas were idiotic, but we now know that he was right about many things.


  • Definition: beautiful or picturesque
  • Synonyms: blissful, heavenly, utopian, perfect
  • Example sentence: The holiday resort comes with an idyllic view of the mountains.


  • Definition: describing something that may be ignored
  • Synonyms: tolerable, unmemorable, forgettable
  • Example sentence: Global warming is no longer an ignorable issue; we must pay attention to it.


  • Definition: lacking knowledge
  • Synonyms: uneducated, untrained
  • Example sentence: He was ignorant of the computer program, so he signed up for a training workshop to learn how to use it.


  • Definition: being unwell or poor in condition
  • Synonyms: ailing, unwell, sick
  • Example sentence: The student was quite ill before the examination, so he had to reschedule it.


  • Definition: describing something that is against the law
  • Synonyms: unlawful, criminal, illegitimate
  • Example sentence: The extra charge applied by the company was illegal, so clients threatened to sue.


  • Definition: forbidden by the law or by a society’s customs
  • Synonyms: illegal, illegitimate, unlawful
  • Example sentence: His illicit relationship hurt his reputation.


  • Definition: describing a person who does not know how to read or write
  • Synonyms: uneducated, untrained
  • Example sentence: He later taught his illiterate father to read.


  • Definition: lacking clear meaning or sense
  • Synonyms: irrational, groundless, invalid
  • Example sentence: You cannot win a debate with illogical


  • Definition: having the quality of being creative
  • Synonyms: creative, inspired, visionary
  • Example sentence: Your imaginative mind will aid you well in an artistic career.


  • Definition: describing something that mimics or copies something else
  • Synonyms: uninspired; unoriginal
  • Example sentence: Imitative comedy acts are mostly funny but can also be insulting.


  • Definition: lacking maturity; childish
  • Synonyms: juvenile, silly
  • Example sentence: His immature jokes were not appropriate in a professional office.


  • Definition: describing something that occurs at once
  • Synonyms: instant, prompt, urgent
  • Example sentence: This new plan needs the immediate attention of the whole class.


  • Definition: describing something that is corrupt or unethical
  • Synonyms: unethical, wicked
  • Example sentence: We should not elect leaders who make immoral


  • Definition: Lacking patience, getting quickly irritated
  • Synonyms: irritated, anxious
  • Example sentence: The citizens are getting impatient for the mayor to make the changes she had promised.

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