Adjectives that start with U

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe and define a noun or a pronoun.

Numerous adjectives start with the letter “U” because many begin with the prefix “un-” and are frequent in English. Adjectives that start with U are ubiquitous and help you identify something ugly. You might check something unfulfilled and avoid something unhealthy. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain U adjectives and provide synonyms and example sentences to familiarize you with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of U adjectives


  • Definition: existing everywhere.
  • Synonyms: omnipresent, everywhere, universal
  • Example sentence: Electronic gadgets have become ubiquitous in our lives.


  • Definition: A repulsive appearance or characteristic.
  • Synonyms: hideous, unattractive, disagreeable
  • Example sentence: The baby duck was not ugly, it was the most beautiful creature she’d seen.


  • Definition: Being the final of something.
  • Synonyms: eventual, final, conclusive
  • Example sentence: The ultimate result has not been announced yet.


  • Definition: The frequency above human hearing capacity
  • Synonyms: agile, breakneck, shrill
  • Example sentence: She has an ultrasonic speaker in her home.


  • Definition: Lacking performance
  • Synonyms: inadequate, unfit, unqualified
  • Example sentence: She was unable to care for her family anymore.


  • Definition: Not able to obtain
  • Synonyms: inaccessible, inconvenient, unreachable
  • Example sentence: The professor is currently unavailable.


  • Definition: Not being able to tolerate
  • Synonyms: intolerable, unsupportable, impossible
  • Example sentence: She had suffered from unbearable pain for two months.


  • Definition: Mysterious occurrence or situation
  • Synonyms: unnatural, unreal, strange
  • Example sentence: He bore an uncanny resemblance to his brother-in-law.


  • Definition: Something that is not definite
  • Synonyms: unknown, unsettled, unsure
  • Example sentence: She was uncertain about her appointment.


  • Definition: lacking a written or proper guidance or constitution.
  • Synonyms: obscure, unexplored, undetected
  • Example sentence: They like to travel on unchartered paths in search of adventure.


  • Definition: Being impolite
  • Synonyms: rude, disrespectful, insulting
  • Example sentence: His uncivil manner tormented the old man.


  • Definition: Something causing a bit of distress.
  • Synonyms: painful, disagreeable, intolerable
  • Example sentence: Her poking was too uncomfortable for him.


  • Definition: Something that is not ordinary
  • Synonyms: unusual, rare, unique
  • Example sentence: They had an uncommon dish on the table.


  • Definition: Not conscious or aware of the surroundings
  • Synonyms: insensible, stupefied, stunned
  • Example sentence: He fell unconscious on the ground after the first punch.


  • Definition: Not valued correctly or up to the mark.
  • Synonyms: undervalue, underestimate
  • Example sentence: She was an underrated player for no reason at all.


  • Definition: Something that was agreed upon beforehand.
  • Synonyms: recognize, acknowledged
  • Example sentence: She wrote down the understood


  • Definition: Moving to a higher point
  • Synonyms: rising, uphill, ascending
  • Example sentence: You should look upward to see the beauty.


  • Definition: A sophisticated manner
  • Synonyms: debonair, elegant, cultured
  • Example sentence: He was an urbane and modest person.


  • Definition: Something that is eligible and worthy of use
  • Synonyms: convenient, functional, utility
  • Example sentence: His knowledge of the subject was very useful to the research program.


  • Definition: A perfect state of systems and operations.
  • Synonyms: ideal, paradisal, idyllic
  • Example sentence: She had a utopian model in her idea.

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