Adjectives that start with F

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What is an adjective?

In general, an adjective describes or modifies a noun or pronoun.

A large number of adjectives in the English language begin with the letter F. The use of adjectives makes your writing and speaking more precise and interesting, as they describe or modify nouns and pronouns. Words have different meanings depending on their adjectives. The presence of these characters enhances the reading experience. A number of adjectives can be used to make your writing more fascinating. From this guide, you will learn the definitions of several F adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of F adjectives


  • Definition: memorable in a good way, exciting
  • Synonyms: amazing, fantastic, marvelous, wondrous
  • Example sentence: Iron wall grilles are a fabulous addition to a room.


  • Definition: done with great ease, sometimes excessively so
  • Synonyms: easy, effortless, glib, slick
  • Example sentence: It took the experienced ballerina about ten minutes to learn the facile


  • Definition: broken into factions, divided, in discord
  • Synonyms: dissident, divisive, contentious, seditious
  • Example sentence: In the course of the investigation, the factious detective attempted to turn the conspirators against one another.


  • Definition: impartial and honest; acceptable or average; light in color; beautiful
  • Synonyms: just, equitable, pretty
  • Example sentence: It was a fair


  • Definition: authentic, true to the facts; loyal
  • Synonyms: accurate, conscientious, dependable, trustworthy
  • Example sentence: Dogs are the most faithful creatures on this planet.


  • Definition: a frightening appearance
  • Synonyms: thrilling, menacing, frightening
  • Example sentence: A fearsome sight greeted us on the battlefield.


  • Definition: having to do with the government on a country-wide scale
  • Synonyms: central, general, governmental, national
  • Example sentence: It is the federal government that regulates the postal services in the country.


  • Definition: weak, lacking in strength
  • Synonyms: decrepit, frail, infirm, puny
  • Example sentence: Daylight was making a feeble attempt to break through the heavy cloud cover.


  • Definition: relating to women
  • Synonyms: feminine, womanlike, womanly
  • Example sentence: I haven’t had any female company in months.


  • Definition: changing your mind easily and often
  • Synonyms: capricious, mercurial, unreliable, unsteady
  • Example sentence: Ohio is known for its fickle, constantly changing weather.


  • Definition: conclusive
  • Synonyms: concluding, decisive, last, ultimate
  • Example sentence: This was the final


  • Definition: lacking height; lacking flavor or excitement
  • Synonyms: bland, horizontal, monotonous, supine
  • Example sentence: For many years, people thought that the earth was flat.


  • Definition: able to bend; able to adapt
  • Synonyms: adaptable, pliant, versatile
  • Example sentence: Be flexible about the shows you try out for.


  • Definition: something unknown or alien to previous experience; not of your own country
  • Synonyms: distant, exotic, remote, unknown
  • Example sentence: The idea of having to “earn a living” is utterly foreign to us.


  • Definition: with an established structure; rigid or ceremonious
  • Synonyms: conventional, dogmatic, systematic, traditional
  • Example sentence: A formal workspace is required for every hard-working employee.


  • Definition: honest, blunt, clear in speech or writing
  • Synonyms: artless, forthright, sincere, straightforward
  • Example sentence: I will be frank with you.


  • Definition: not under the control or influence of anything else; not costing anything
  • Synonyms: autonomous, independent, unconfined, unrestrained
  • Example sentence: She gladly accepted the free ice cream.


  • Definition: lead or beginning part of something; meant to hide an illegal activity
  • Synonyms: at the front, foremost, lead
  • Example sentence: The front door was closed and locked.


  • Definition: something filled; complete; being of the highest degree
  • Synonyms: crowded, overflowing, comprehensive, complete
  • Example sentence: Texas was full of beautiful valleys.


  • Definition: providing enjoyment or amusement
  • Synonyms: amusing, entertaining, pleasant, enjoyable
  • Example sentence: I love amusement parks; they are a fun place to spend the day.

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