Adjectives that start with P

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What is an adjective?

An adjective describes a noun or modifies it.

As one of the most prominent consonants in English, there are many adjectives beginning with P. The adjectives beginning with can be tricky to master. A sentence cannot be written without adjectives, so they play a crucial role in every language. However, many of these adjectives are underused or unused at all! Your writing should become strong and ordinary instead of powerful and plain. The most common adjectives with the letter P are important parts of speech, so it is a good idea to focus on them in any writing or speech. When it comes to describing people or personalities, there are plenty of adjectives that begin with P. In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of P adjectives


  • Definition: the capacity to bear or tolerate discomfort, difficulties, or delays without becoming irritated or alarmed
  • Synonyms: uncomplaining, forgiving
  • Example sentence: She would have to be patient with him.


  • Definition: referring to a person’s parent or parents
  • Synonyms: maternal, familial
  • Example sentence: The school welcomes parental


  • Definition: only partially or not at all
  • Synonyms: limited, flawed, incomplete
  • Example sentence: The paper presentation was only a partial


  • Definition: carried out meticulously and with considerable care
  • Synonyms: cautious, meticulous, thorough
  • Example sentence: It took many months of painstaking research to write a book.


  • Definition: comparable to a palace in size and splendor
  • Synonyms: majestic, luxury, opulent
  • Example sentence: He resides in a palatial


  • Definition: possessing all the necessary or desired components, traits, or attributes; being the best it is possible to be
  • Synonyms: ideal, model, complete
  • Example sentence: He is a perfect


  • Definition: devoid of vigor or excitement; drab
  • Synonyms: monotonous, boring, dull
  • Example sentence: Her speech was long and pedestrian.


  • Definition: enduring, long-lasting, or meant to continue or remain unchanged forever
  • Synonyms: everlasting, enduring, infinite
  • Example sentence: She has a permanent depressive disorder.


  • Definition: belonging to or having an impact on a specific person as opposed to others
  • Synonyms: individual, private, customized
  • Example sentence: He is honest about his personal


  • Definition: extremely focused on petty details or regulations; overly meticulous
  • Synonyms: meticulous, exact, perfectionist
  • Example sentence: Her talk was so boring and pedantic.


  • Definition: striving to further the wellbeing of others; kind and charitable
  • Synonyms: benevolent, kind, humanitarian
  • Example sentence: She is renowned for her philanthropic activity in the community.


  • Definition: having to do with the body rather than the mind
  • Synonyms: corporal, bodily
  • Example sentence: She tends to avoid all physical


  • Definition: (of a location or structure) visually appealing, particularly in a quaint or charming manner
  • Synonyms: appealing, pretty, lovely
  • Example sentence: I can view the picturesque shores beside the river.


  • Definition: not ornamented or extravagant; basic or straightforward
  • Synonyms: unadorned, uncomplicated, simple
  • Example sentence: I choose a single plain


  • Definition: easily moldable or formed
  • Synonyms: malleable, pliable, flexible
  • Example sentence: I maintain a cover made of protective plastic over my computer printer.


  • Definition: imparting a feeling of contentment or delight
  • Synonyms: gratifying, delightful
  • Example sentence: He has a pleasant tone in his voice.


  • Definition: a person who enjoys fun and games; cheerful
  • Synonyms: vivacious, merry, fun-loving
  • Example sentence: She was in a playful


  • Definition: without capacity, sway, or authority
  • Synonyms: ineffective, impotent
  • Example sentence: I am powerless if I don’t have any money.


  • Definition: acting in a cool, collected manner
  • Synonyms: assured, composed, self-possessed
  • Example sentence: Mary appeared poised and confident as she approached the microphone.


  • Definition: possessing enormous strength or force
  • Synonyms: Strong, muscular
  • Example sentence: The movie’s heroine delivered a powerful performance.

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