Adjectives that start with S

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe and define a noun or a pronoun.

Numerous adjectives start with the letter S, which is frequently used in English. While adjectives that start with S can help distinguish between shy and shrewd, they can also let you know who is sincere. You can change your writing from sappy to stellar. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences to help you become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of S adjectives


  • Definition: describing something that has a connection to God
  • Synonyms: holy, sanctified, blessed
  • Example sentence: That withered flower was sacred to her.


  • Definition: feeling unhappy
  • Synonyms: gloomy, dejected, depressed
  • Example sentence: It was sad to see that the man was in pain.


  • Definition: being protected from dangers
  • Synonyms: shielded, defended, sheltered, guarded
  • Example sentence: She prayed for his safe


  • Definition: describing language that is mocking or ironic
  • Synonyms: ironic, funny, satirical, contemptuous
  • Example sentence: At first I thought he was complimenting me, but then I realized he was being sarcastic.



  • Definition: being bold and lively
  • Synonyms: cheeky, bold, brazen
  • Example sentence: His sassy attitude was fine around friends but not appropriate during work meetings.



  • Definition: describing something that is hidden and not exposed to others
  • Synonyms: confidential, classified, unrevealed, unknown
  • Example sentence: She had a secret friend whom she was not ready to introduce to her parents.


  • Definition: not moving much; lazy
  • Synonyms: seated, inactive, stationary
  • Example sentence: His sedentary job bored him to death.


  • Definition: describing the act or state of considering others more than considering oneself
  • Synonyms: unselfish, considerate, compassionate
  • Example sentence: His selfless concern for his friend was inspiring.


  • Definition: something with a piercing edge
  • Synonyms: whetted, keen, edged
  • Example sentence: She cut her finger with that sharp


  • Definition: having a gloss or reflecting light
  • Synonyms: glossy, bright, polished
  • Example sentence: They were looking for her shiny bracelet in the water.


  • Definition: shaking involuntarily
  • Synonyms: shuddering, trembling, shaking
  • Example sentence: He put his jacket on the shivering


  • Definition: having a small length or duration
  • Synonyms: small, little, brief
  • Example sentence: Because she is short, she uses a stool to reach high shelves.


  • Definition: closed
  • Synonyms: fastened
  • Example sentence: I could not see with my eyes shut.


  • Definition: being reserved among others, especially strangers
  • Synonyms: timid, introverted
  • Example sentence: He is too shy to speak in the meeting.


  • Definition: affected by an illness
  • Synonyms: unwell, ailing, ill, queasy
  • Example sentence: She was too sick in the morning to work.


  • Definition: lack any sound
  • Synonyms: inaudible, soundless, still
  • Example sentence: She remained silent instead of answering the questions.


  • Definition: having a lack of sense; being funny
  • Synonyms: stupid, idiotic, foolish
  • Example sentence: His silly appearance made everyone giggle.


  • Definition: Something that is soft and smooth like silk
  • Synonyms: glossy, fine, silken, sleek, soft
  • Example sentence: Her silky hair was very soft.


  • Definition: having a gracefully thin structure
  • Synonyms: slender, lean, thin, graceful
  • Example sentence: The slim dancer leaped into the air.


  • Definition: little
  • Synonyms: tiny, trivial, minor
  • Example sentence: A small child tugged at his mom’s hand at the market.


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