Adjectives that start with J

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What is an adjective?

In general, an adjective describes or modifies a noun or pronoun.

The letter J did not appear in English until the Middle Ages. Originally, it was the letter I, and it was the last letter added to the alphabet. It was initially used to represent the last letter in Roman numerals; the number 12 may appear as “xij” for example. Although J is not one of the most prevalent consonants in English, many adjectives in the language start with it. In a sentence, an adjective may appear before a noun or pronoun, after a noun or pronoun, or modify a word that is not in the sentence. By using adjectives that start with J your writing should become jaw-dropping and jazzy instead of judgmental and jumbled. In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several J adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of J adjectives


  • Definition: incongruous in a striking or shocking way; clashing
  • Synonyms: harsh, clashing, grating
  • Example sentence: I don’t want anything too bright or jarring.


  • Definition: extremely surprising, impressive, or shocking
  • Synonyms: amazing, astonishing, eye-opening
  • Example sentence: He has a jaw-dropping


  • Definition: bright, colorful, and showy
  • Synonyms: brilliant, striking
  • Example sentence: It’s a jazzy sports bike.


  • Definition: having or displaying anger toward another person’s accomplishments, assets, or perceived advantages.
  • Synonyms: covetous, envious, desirous
  • Example sentence: I am very jealous of her dress.


  • Definition: making crude and sarcastic remarks, usually out loud
  • Synonyms: funning, joking, fooling
  • Example sentence: She tried to ignore the jeering


  • Definition: said or done for amusement; joking
  • Synonyms: bantering, fooling, kidding
  • Example sentence: He was not at ease with the jesting


  • Definition: relating to, associated with, or denoting Jewish people or Judaism
  • Synonyms: Hasidic, Judaistic, Hebrew
  • Example sentence: I am immersed in Jewish history and culture.


  • Definition: having or believed to be prone to bad luck
  • Synonyms: bedeviled, bewitched, luckless
  • Example sentence: Her luck has been so bad she feels jinxed.


  • Definition: unemployed, out of work
  • Synonyms: workless, unwaged
  • Example sentence: She has been jobless for the past two years.


  • Definition: lacking jokes
  • Synonyms: boring, non-humorous
  • Example sentence: The movie’s jokeless interludes stretch a crowd-pleasing comedy into a tedious experience.


  • Definition: happy and cheerful
  • Synonyms: cheery, jovial, merry
  • Example sentence: Everyone is in a very relaxed and jolly


  • Definition: cheerful and friendly
  • Synonyms: cheerful, jolly, happy
  • Example sentence: She seemed to be a very jovial


  • Definition: experiencing, expressing, or producing intense happiness and joy
  • Synonyms: happy, cheerful, jolly
  • Example sentence: A wedding is a joyful celebration of love.


  • Definition: full of happiness and joy
  • Synonyms: cheerful, happy
  • Example sentence: The chairman was welcomed with joyous, resounding acclaim.


  • Definition: having or displaying an overly critical point of view
  • Synonyms: captious, carping, critical
  • Example sentence: I don’t like to sound judgmental.


  • Definition: having, showing, or done with good judgment or sense
  • Synonyms: wise, sensible, prudent
  • Example sentence: Harry has judicious money-saving habits.


  • Definition: full of juice; succulent
  • Synonyms: succulent, tender, moist
  • Example sentence: The watermelon was sweet and


  • Definition: things mixed together untidily
  • Synonyms: cluttered, chaotic, messy
  • Example sentence: The jumbled lines of the paragraph were hard to read.


  • Definition: denoting young or younger people; lower in rank
  • Synonyms: younger, youngest
  • Example sentence: He is junior to me in college.


  • Definition: having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason
  • Synonyms: compelling, reasoned, rational
  • Example sentence: The dentists were justified in treating her.

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