Adjectives that start with C

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What is an adjective?

In English grammar, adjectives normally describe or modify a nouns.

There are numerous adjectives that start with the letter C, as it is a consonant that is used quite frequently in the English language. Instead of childish writing, you might make it charismatic. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain C adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences for you to become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of C adjectives


  • Definition: possessing the power of calculation; able to assess the risks and possibilities of a situation
  • Synonyms: cunning, wily, crafty
  • Example sentence: High society marriages are often calculating


  • Definition: indifferent or uncaring about matters
  • Synonyms: heartless, uncaring, insensitive
  • Example sentence: He often hurt people’s feelings because he was callous.


  • Definition: A feeling of peace without anxiety
  • Synonyms: poised, relaxed, serene
  • Example sentence: She enjoyed the peace and calm of the mountain.


  • Definition: glowing with strong heat and light
  • Synonyms: glowing, luminous
  • Example sentence: He was astonished to see a candescent spot so deep in the jungle.


  • Definition: according to well-established orthodox rules
  • Synonyms: orthodox, typical
  • Example sentence: She enjoyed reading Hamlet, the canonical play by Shakespeare.


  • Definition: having an ability to contain a lot of space
  • Synonyms: roomy, spacious, voluminous
  • Example sentence: The docks need to be capacious to welcome large ships.


  • Definition: describing someone or something that captivates or fascinates
  • Synonyms: enthralling, fascinating
  • Example sentence: He was charmed by his bride’s captivating


  • Definition: without any trouble, concern, or worries
  • Synonyms: breezy, untroubled, relaxed
  • Example sentence: Student life is hardly carefree because students’ have many responsibilities.


  • Definition: not taking enough care
  • Synonyms: inattentive, forgetful, irresponsible, negligent
  • Example sentence: His careless attitude is the reason for this sudden trouble.


  • Definition: occurring without any plans; not formal
  • Synonyms: relaxed, informal
  • Example sentence: The manager had a casual chat with the team during lunch.


  • Definition: disastrous or damaging
  • Synonyms: ruinous, tragic
  • Example sentence: The war had a catastrophic effect on human lives.


  • Definition: easily grabbing attention; memorable
  • Synonyms: appealing, attracting, snappy
  • Example sentence: Most advertisements have a catchy


  • Definition: giving a warning
  • Synonyms: preventive, warning
  • Example sentence: The lawyer gave a cautionary statement warning her client not to speak out of turn in court.


  • Definition: avoiding trouble or danger
  • Synonyms: vigilant, wary
  • Example sentence: Most animals remain cautious while approaching humans.


  • Definition: without ending
  • Synonyms: incessant, endless, continual
  • Example sentence: A ceaseless war never ends.


  • Definition: widely praised
  • Synonyms: honored, eminent
  • Example sentence: She is a celebrated artist whom everyone adores.


  • Definition: relating to the heavens or sky
  • Synonyms: heavenly, astronomical, stellar, ethereal
  • Example sentence: The moon is a celestial body with a great impact on Earth.


  • Definition: feeling sure about something
  • Synonyms: irrefutable, indisputable, sure
  • Example sentence: I am certain that the result will be out tomorrow.


  • Definition: being generous toward others
  • Synonyms: benevolent, humanitarian, philanthropic
  • Example sentence: Many students are inspired to do charitable work through volunteering.


  • Definition: full of happiness and positive spirit
  • Synonyms: merry, joyous
  • Example sentence: Her daughter had the most cheerful spirit on her birthday.


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