Adjectives that start with M

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe and define a noun or a pronoun.

Numerous adjectives start with the letter M, as this is frequently used in the English language. Good knowledge of M adjectives can always help you decide whether something is magnificent or macabre. It might help you present your majestic view of some meaningful beauty or works. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences for you to become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of M adjectives


  • Definition: Something with an eerie feeling because it relates to death.
  • Synonyms: grim, gruesome, ghastly, grotesque
  • Example sentence: The investigation only yielded some macabre


  • Definition: A superior and excessive masculine attitude.
  • Synonyms: manly, butch
  • Example sentence: He believes only a macho attitude can seduce women.


  • Definition: Something that may be seen with bare eyes.
  • Synonyms: perceptible, visible, observable, apparent
  • Example sentence: A macroscopic sample is always easier to study.


  • Definition: Being very angry
  • Synonyms: agitated, heated, furious, livid
  • Example sentence: His father got mad after he ran away from the house.



  • Definition: Something that feels like or relates to magic.
  • Synonyms: incredible, uncanny, remarkable, extraordinary
  • Example sentence: Her melody felt magical in that peaceful setting.




  • Definition: An aristocratic beauty
  • Synonyms: elevated, impressive, dignified
  • Example sentence: Her sudden and majestic transformation put everyone in awe.


  • Definition: Something huge or significant.
  • Synonyms: crucial, significant, serious
  • Example sentence: Her absence is a major flaw in the plan.


  • Definition: Something failing to adjust to the norms of the atmosphere.
  • Synonyms: unstable, confused, alienated, unbalanced
  • Example sentence: The maladjusted research never got published.


  • Definition: Something with an evil intention.
  • Synonyms: Spiteful, malicious, hostile
  • Example sentence: Their malevolent smile gave her the creeps.


  • Definition: Something with an intention of harming others.
  • Synonyms: vindictive, malevolent, evil
  • Example sentence: Your malicious act only enraged the team.


  • Definition: Something that is huge.
  • Synonyms: massive, immense, enormous
  • Example sentence: The teacher assigned them mammoth tasks to keep them busy.


  • Definition: Exercising some hidden control over others.
  • Synonyms: cunning, calculative, shrewd
  • Example sentence: He found her manipulative just days after their first meeting.


  • Definition: A large number of something.
  • Synonyms: numerous, countless
  • Example sentence: Many survivors gave interviews after the incident.




  • Definition: defined with something.
  • Synonyms: noticeable, distinct, pronounced
  • Example sentence: His drunken behavior got him marked at the party.


  • Definition: Something that inspires wonder.
  • Synonyms: astounding, astonishing, awesome
  • Example sentence: Their performance was simply marvelous.


  • Definition: Something that is hidden or concealed.
  • Synonyms: disguised, concealed, obscured
  • Example sentence: The thief had his face masked.


  • Definition: Similar to some other texture or color.
  • Synonyms: identical, similar, duplicate
  • Example sentence: Their matching outfits revealed that they are twins.


  • Definition: Feeling a severe form of depression or loneliness.
  • Synonyms: depressed, dejected, sad
  • Example sentence: The owl gave a melancholic


  • Definition: A person who is prone to mercy.
  • Synonyms: lenient, compassionate, kind, forgiving
  • Example sentence: He became more merciful as time passed.


  • Definition: Interesting but impossible to understand
  • Synonyms: puzzling, curious, baffling
  • Example sentence: The mysterious light at night baffled them all.


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