Adjectives that start with V

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What is an adjective?

An adjective defines or modifies a noun.

V is one of the most common consonants in English, hence many adjectives begin with it. It could be difficult to learn adjectives that begin with V. Since adjectives are necessary for creating sentences, they are significant in all languages. We heavily rely on adjectives to fully communicate our messages. Meanwhile, many of these adjectives are either underused or never used. By employing adjectives that begin with V, you can quickly expand your vocabulary in English. These descriptive words that start with V may all be used to describe emotions or appearance. They also make it simple to describe oneself, their environment, and their favorite things. In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several V adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of V adjectives


  • Definition: incredibly large
  • Synonyms: large, broad, expansive
  • Example sentence: The game was viewed by a vast


  • Definition: distinct from each other; of several kinds or varieties
  • Synonyms: diversified, unique, different
  • Example sentence: The book’s author stated various justifications for writing it.


  • Definition: likely to alter frequently
  • Synonyms: mutable, variable, changing
  • Example sentence: Light and variable breezes prevailed.


  • Definition: incredibly valuable
  • Synonyms: advantageous, pricey, profitable
  • Example sentence: These artifacts are quite valuable.


  • Definition: based on reality or logic; tenable to acceptance
  • Synonyms: realistic, logical, just
  • Example sentence: If you need to reschedule your exam, you must have a valid


  • Definition: highlighting a very specific moment in time or location
  • Synonyms: exact, actual, precise
  • Example sentence: This book should be read from the very


  • Definition: an orientation or alignment where the top is immediately above the bottom; at right angles to a horizontal plane
  • Synonyms: upright, erect, parallel
  • Example sentence: The vertical peak rises more than 30,000 feet.


  • Definition: spoken of or involving vegetarians
  • Synonyms: vegetal, veggie
  • Example sentence: Yesterday, I ate at a vegetarian


  • Definition: about plants or plant life
  • Synonyms: green, vegetative, lush
  • Example sentence: Many aquatic plants rely less on seeds for dissemination and more on vegetative


  • Definition: spoken instead of written
  • Synonyms: oral, stated, said
  • Example sentence: The candidates for the position must have strong verbal


  • Definition: being observable
  • Synonyms: Visible, perceptible
  • Example sentence: It was difficult to visible the writing on the tombstone.


  • Definition: vital for anything to succeed or continue to exist
  • Synonyms: necessary, crucial, essential
  • Example sentence: A robust opposition is vital to a functioning democracy.


  • Definition: about seeing or seeing
  • Synonyms: optical, ocular, optic
  • Example sentence: His work has some incredibly amazing visual


  • Definition: having triumphed in a game, contest, election, conflict, etc.
  • Synonyms: winning, prevailing, disposing
  • Example sentence: Fans of the victorious squad shouted in celebration.


  • Definition: possessing moral principles and excellent conduct
  • Synonyms: virtue, goodness, moral
  • Example sentence: A virtuous person has a pure heart as well as actions.


  • Definition: unable to communicate or express ideas
  • Synonyms: stoic, laconic, reserved
  • Example sentence: Millions of Americans believe they have voiceless and cannot influence the political system for the better.


  • Definition: likely to undergo an abrupt, unexpected change
  • Synonyms: strained, anxious, tense
  • Example sentence: The political climate is getting more volatile.


  • Definition: very hungry, especially for a lot of food
  • Synonyms: unquenchable, insatiable, unappealing
  • Example sentence: He eats voraciously in sight.


  • Definition: offering education and training that will help you get a career
  • Synonyms: professional, occupational
  • Example sentence: The Swedish people value vocational training as a crucial component of a child’s education.


  • Definition: (of clothing) exceedingly full or loose; made of a lot of fabric
  • Synonyms: large, comfortable, roomy
  • Example sentence: Behind her, her voluminous silk garment floated away.

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