Adjectives that start with Y

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe and define a noun or a pronoun.

Few adjectives start with the letter Y in the English language. Adjectives that start with Y help you describe things like the color of that yellow flower or the sound of that yappy dog. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain Y adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences for you to become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 15 adjectives.


List of Y adjectives


  • Definition: Being talkative
  • Synonyms: chattery, babbling, gossipy
  • Example sentence: She loves her yappy


  • Definition: Being prompt or prepared
  • Synonyms: agile, lively
  • Example sentence: She was yare in her youth.


  • Definition: Something with a wide-open gap
  • Synonyms: gaping, wide, large
  • Example sentence: His adventures led him to a hidden yawning


  • Definition: Occurring every year
  • Synonyms: annual, perennial
  • Example sentence: She met her yearly quota in business.


  • Definition: Longing for something
  • Synonyms: pining, longing, craving
  • Example sentence: His yearning cry made her look back one last time.


  • Definition: The color of daffodils or daisy
  • Synonyms: blonde, golden, amber
  • Example sentence: She bought a yellow dress from the shop.


  • Definition: Someone who belongs to Yemen
  • Synonyms: Republic of Yemen, Arabian
  • Example sentence: The Yemenite passenger could not understand a word from the driver.


  • Definition: Something making a shrill frequent cry
  • Synonyms: squeal, screech, howl
  • Example sentence: She brought the yelping dog to the vet in the middle of the night.


  • Definition: Something capable of yielding
  • Synonyms: submissive, defeated
  • Example sentence: You can not win a war with yieldable


  • Definition: Something that is distant
  • Synonyms: remote, further, unreachable
  • Example sentence: You might find the book over yond.


  • Definition: The early part of life
  • Synonyms: youthful, adolescent, juvenile
  • Example sentence: The young kid managed to do what no one else could.


  • Definition: Something that seems young and lively.
  • Synonyms: sprightly, active, juvenile
  • Example sentence: She retained her youthful appearance for a long time.


  • Definition: Something disgusting
  • Synonyms: disgusting, unpalatable, distasteful
  • Example sentence: She could not bear the yucky smell of the rotten pudding.


  • Definition: Some delicious food
  • Synonyms: ambrosial, delicious, delish
  • Example sentence: He cherished his mother’s yummy

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