Adjectives that start with K

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe and define a noun or a pronoun.

Few adjectives start with the letter K, as this is less used in the English language. However, good knowledge of adjectives can always keep your knowledge kindled. It can make you a kind and knowledgeable person. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain K adjectives and provide synonyms and example sentences to familiarize you with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of K adjectives


  • Definition: Being eager and enthusiastic.
  • Synonyms: anxious, desirous, eager, yearning
  • Example sentence: He has a keen interest in physics.


  • Definition: A piece of clothing used to tie around the neck or head.
  • Synonyms: bandana, handkerchief
  • Example sentence: The gust of wind blew her kerchief


  • Definition: Something that may be killed.
  • Synonyms: fit to kill, comestible, edible
  • Example sentence: They are aiming for a killable


  • Definition: A person who kills or has killed.
  • Synonyms: murderer, terminator, executioner
  • Example sentence: The killer got out of jail.


  • Definition: Someone’s family member or next in relation.
  • Synonyms: relative, family, clan
  • Example sentence: You cannot ignore your kin.


  • Definition: A polite characteristic
  • Synonyms: compassionate, cordial, charitable, considerate
  • Example sentence: She felt his pain very deeply because she is a very kind


  • Definition: Showing an emotion full of sympathy and care.
  • Synonyms: kindly, tender, affectionate
  • Example sentence: He deserved much kinder behavior from his friends.


  • Definition: A similarity in context or texture.
  • Synonyms: connected, related, comparable
  • Example sentence: All these books have kindred


  • Definition: enlightened or aroused.
  • Synonyms: light, burning, ignited
  • Example sentence: Adventures have kindled her spirit.


  • Definition: Related to some form of motion.
  • Synonyms: active, energetic
  • Example sentence: They tried to control and channel the extra kinetic


  • Definition: attributes particular to a king or king-like manner.
  • Synonyms: Royal, regal, noble
  • Example sentence: His kingly virtues made him a good firm director.


  • Definition: Something that may be kissed.
  • Synonyms: loveable, cuddlesome, snuggly
  • Example sentence: He found her kissable even when she was crying.


  • Definition: A condition where one steals without any need or reason.
  • Synonyms: shoplifter, thief, compulsive stealer
  • Example sentence: He was not aware of her kleptomaniacal


  • Definition: Attributes of a knight.
  • Synonyms: Regal, gentlemanly, amicable
  • Example sentence: His knightly charms enchanted the women at the party.


  • Definition: Clothing made from knots of wool or thread.
  • Synonyms: united, bound, weaved
  • Example sentence: He sold garments knitted by hand for a living.


  • Definition: The ability to knock someone or some people down.
  • Synonyms: flatten, level, destroy
  • Example sentence: The knockdown boxing match was broadcast live all around the world.


  • Definition: The act of making someone faint after a punch.
  • Synonyms: win, hit
  • Example sentence: He won the match by a knockout.


  • Definition: Showing that someone knows something.
  • Synonyms: expressive, meaningful, suggestive
  • Example sentence: Her knowing look cut him off in his tracks.


  • Definition: A person who is well learned or well informed.
  • Synonyms: learned, educated, scholarly, informed
  • Example sentence: Your professor is a very knowledgeable


  • Definition: Recognized, frequent
  • Synonyms: Familiar, acknowledged
  • Example sentence: He is well-known for his generosity.

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