Adjectives that start with L

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What is an adjective?

In general, an adjective describes or modifies a noun.

Since the letter L is one of the most prevalent consonants in English, many adjectives in the language start with it. In a sentence, an adjective may appear before a noun or pronoun, after a noun or pronoun, or modify a word that is not in the sentence. The adjectives starting with L are a limited set. L adjectives are often associated with the lucky letter L, which is also true of L letters. The adjectives that begin with L can be used to describe nearly anything or anyone. However, many of these adjectives are underused or unused at all! In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several L adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of L adjectives


  • Definition: of, relating to, or situated near the lips or labia
  • Synonyms: labeled, labelloid, palatal
  • Example sentence: The labial tentacles are formed late.


  • Definition: doing arduous or unpleasant work
  • Synonyms: drudging, laboring, toiling
  • Example sentence: A midwife assisted the laboring


  • Definition: closed with a lace; edged or streaked with color
  • Synonyms: tied, patterned
  • Example sentence: She wore laced stockings to the party.


  • Definition: not available or in short supply
  • Synonyms: absent, missing, unavailable
  • Example sentence: After he played his most popular songs, the remainder of the concert was


  • Definition: of or relating to milk
  • Synonyms: cradle, feed, nourish
  • Example sentence: Water helps take the lactic acid out of the system.


  • Definition: serving as a lead or head of something
  • Synonyms: head, executive, top
  • Example sentence: Please contact the lead supervisor for support.


  • Definition: having no leaves
  • Synonyms: bare, defenseless, exposed
  • Example sentence: Roots and leafless bushes stuck up wildly at the end of the strip.


  • Definition: inadvertent leakage or admission of contents, particularly liquid or gas, through a hole or break (of a container or covering)
  • Synonyms: dripping, oozing, seeping, trickling
  • Example sentence: A dropping, leaking fuel injector would do the same.


  • Definition: able to be learned
  • Synonyms: teachable, duplicatable
  • Example sentence: All those things are learnable.


  • Definition: a substance formed from animal skin that has been smoothed and rendered flexible through tanning, hair removal, etc.
  • Synonyms: coriaceous, leathern
  • Example sentence: The black leather bag is beautiful.


  • Definition: responsible by law; legally answerable
  • Synonyms: responsible, accountable, answerable
  • Example sentence: He is still liable for repaying his student loan.


  • Definition: unrestrained; tolerant to new ideas; free; generous
  • Synonyms: tolerant, unprejudiced, broad-minded
  • Example sentence: Her family has a liberal view on divorce.


  • Definition: having an official license
  • Synonyms: permit, allow, authorize
  • Example sentence: I am a licensed


  • Definition: dead or apparently dead
  • Synonyms: dead, deceased, defunct
  • Example sentence: My hair is lifeless and uncombed.


  • Definition: eyes that are unclouded
  • Synonyms: crystal-clear, glassy
  • Example sentence: Those limpid, gray eyes looked trustingly at her.


  • Definition: an individual or body part that is lithe or supple
  • Synonyms: slim, supple
  • Example sentence: For me to stay limber, I have to practice.


  • Definition: pertaining to or limited to a specific location or community
  • Synonyms: community, district, regional
  • Example sentence: My grandfather had a local rice factory.


  • Definition: discover the exact place or position of
  • Synonyms: find, discover, pinpoint
  • Example sentence: My office is located in Chennai.


  • Definition: involving or governed by formal reasoning or logic
  • Synonyms: thoughtful, logical, reasonable
  • Example sentence: I want her to give me a logical reason for her behavior.


  • Definition: sad because one has no friends or company
  • Synonyms: isolated, alone, friendless
  • Example sentence: She was a lonely child without friends.

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