Adjectives that start with E

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What is an adjective?

An adjective is a word that qualifies, quantifies, or modifies a noun or pronoun.

Hundreds of adjectives start with the letter E, as this is an extremely popular vowel in the English language. These adjectives help make your writing exciting and enjoyable. While E is eager to make its mark, it is enthusiastic as well. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain E adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences for you to become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of E adjectives


  • Definition: expectant to do or obtain something
  • Synonyms: desirous, impatient, anxious
  • Example sentence: She was too eager to get the job.


  • Definition: focused and sincere
  • Synonyms: diligent, serious, intense
  • Example sentence: His earnest plea moved the judge to reduce his sentence.


  • Definition: without any difficulty
  • Synonyms: simple, uncomplicated
  • Example sentence: The number of easy questions startled the students.


  • Definition: enthusiastic with giddiness
  • Synonyms: elated, buoyant
  • Example sentence: She was in an ebullient mood at the party.


  • Definition: the ability to produce a preferred effect
  • Synonyms: productive, effective
  • Example sentence: You would expect a branded company to produce an efficacious


  • Definition: extremely excited and happy
  • Synonyms: ecstatic, exultant, jubilant
  • Example sentence: Today, an elated Ronald announced his promotion to the gathering.


  • Definition: related to electricity; producing a sense of excitement; (of an instrument) amplified through a loudspeaker
  • Synonyms: thrilling, invigorating, exciting
  • Example sentence: His electric guitar gave words to his inner silence.


  • Definition: radiating grace and poise
  • Synonyms: sophisticated, classy
  • Example sentence: Their elegant manner of speaking was proof enough of their heritage.


  • Definition: fluently articulate
  • Synonyms: articulate, expressive
  • Example sentence: The principal’s eloquent speech showcased her knowledge of the language.


  • Definition: showcasing empathy
  • Synonyms: compassionate, understanding, humane
  • Example sentence: An empathetic friend can heal thousands of injuries.


  • Definition: The ability to enchant, charm, or delight
  • Synonyms: charming, alluring
  • Example sentence: The serenity by the riverbed was delightfully enchanting.


  • Definition: giving hope or support
  • Synonyms: promising, heartening, inspiring
  • Example sentence: The encouraging voice of the teacher gathered her students’ attention.


  • Definition: likeable or lovable
  • Synonyms: adorable, lovely, charming
  • Example sentence: The manager had an endearing bond with his teammates.


  • Definition: the quality of being attractive and interesting
  • Synonyms: intriguing, captivating
  • Example sentence: His lecture was fun because it was engaging.


  • Definition: capable of fun or amusement
  • Synonyms: pleasing, delightful
  • Example sentence: The acting lessons were enjoyable.


  • Definition: presenting or providing amusement
  • Synonyms: amusing, appealing, pleasing
  • Example sentence: Sitcoms are popular because they are entertaining.


  • Definition: excited and energized to act
  • Synonyms: ardent, eager
  • Example sentence: The enthusiastic students took the lead in the protest


  • Definition: celestial or heavenly; lacking material substance
  • Synonyms: celestial, otherworldly, formless
  • Example sentence: Her ethereal beauty captivated her suitor.


  • Definition: fine or very good
  • Synonyms: magnificent, wonderful
  • Example sentence: The excellent wine was widely praised.


  • Definition: better than anything else
  • Synonyms: extraordinary, unique, outstanding
  • Example sentence: Their exceptional performance won them a standing ovation.

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