Adjectives that start with D

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What is an adjective?

In general, an adjective describes or modifies a noun.

A large number of adjectives in the English language begin with the letter D because it is a prominent consonant in the language. However, many of these adjectives are underused or unused at all! Your writing should become daring and detailed instead of directionless and dull. Through this guide, you will learn the definitions of several D adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of D adjectives


  • Definition: neat and stylish
  • Synonyms: chic, spiffy, swanky
  • Example sentence: His dapper style enchanted some of his colleagues.


  • Definition: handsome, attractive
  • Synonyms: romantic, raffish, jaunty
  • Example sentence: Although Disney princes are dashing, they lack realism.


  • Definition: brilliantly attractive
  • Synonyms: sparkling, ravishing
  • Example sentence: Diamond earrings create a dazzling


  • Definition: causing injury or harm
  • Synonyms: afflicting, marring, injurious
  • Example sentence: His damaging anger was harmful to himself.


  • Definition: being a hazard or risk
  • Synonyms: perilous, precarious, unsafe
  • Example sentence: I don’t want some dangerous criminal living next door.


  • Definition: describing someone or something that is beloved
  • Synonyms: cherished, esteemed, precious
  • Example sentence: I’ll miss my dear


  • Definition: effortlessly charming
  • Synonyms: sophisticated, charming, suave
  • Example sentence: Bingley’s debonair manner charmed the women with ease.


  • Definition: appropriate or good
  • Synonyms: fitting, mannerly, adequate
  • Example sentence: A decent friend will not knowingly hurt you.


  • Definition: very skilled
  • Synonyms: adroit, adept, nimble
  • Example sentence: Playing piano professionally requires deft


  • Definition: utterly enjoyable, especially food
  • Synonyms: mouthwatering, luscious
  • Example sentence: For a light and delectable dessert, try sticky rice and tropical fruits.


  • Definition: pleasing to the taste
  • Synonyms: appetizing, succulent, flavorful
  • Example sentence: The woman appreciated the delivery of delicious food on her birthday.


  • Definition: causing delight or joy
  • Synonyms: lovely, wonderful
  • Example sentence: It was going to be delightful cooking in this beautiful kitchen.


  • Definition: in great need
  • Synonyms: frantic, hopeless, wretched
  • Example sentence: I was desperate to get away from there!


  • Definition: bringing massive damage
  • Synonyms: catastrophic, ruinous, pernicious
  • Example sentence: Wars always have a destructive


  • Definition: overwhelmingly terrible
  • Synonyms: annihilating, cataclysmal, crushing
  • Example sentence: The tragic news was devastating to all of us.


  • Definition: expressing dignity
  • Synonyms: noble, august, courtly
  • Example sentence: His dignified attitude caused the people in the room to respect him greatly.


  • Definition: taking control; commanding attention
  • Synonyms: authoritative, commanding
  • Example sentence: The dominant detail of the painting is the large sunflower in the center.


  • Definition: pleasantly calm
  • Synonyms: soothing, gentle, lulling
  • Example sentence: Fleur walked through the field in a dreamy manner at dawn.


  • Definition: acting from a sense of duty
  • Synonyms: obedient, loyal, conscientious
  • Example sentence: The ant, methodical and dutiful, planned and worked to have enough food for the winter.


  • Definition: full of energy
  • Synonyms: active, energetic, vigorous
  • Example sentence: Her dynamic energy is just what we need on this team.



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