Adjectives that start with B

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives describe or modify noun.

A large number of adjectives in the English language begin with the letter B since it is one of the most prominent consonants in the language. However, many of these adjectives are underused or unused at all! Your writing should become bright instead of bland. In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several B adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.

List of B adjectives


  • Definition: having proper proportions; judging fairly
  • Synonyms: harmonious, equal
  • Example sentence: Grains and vegetables should be carefully balanced with proteins.


  • Definition: shining brightly
  • Synonyms: radiant, gleaming
  • Example sentence: Daddy sat in the first pew, beaming with pride.


  • Definition: blissful; bestowing bliss or happiness to others
  • Synonyms: delightful, elated, joyful
  • Example sentence: She had an almost beatific expression on her pretty face.


  • Definition: having qualities that are pleasing to the senses or mind; physically attractive
  • Synonyms: wonderful, gorgeous, good-looking
  • Example sentence: It’s such a beautiful


  • Definition: having the ability to charm or enchant; intriguing
  • Synonyms: captivating, alluring, enticing
  • Example sentence: Her beguiling dress caught everyone’s attention.


  • Definition: impossible to understand
  • Synonyms: confusing, bewildering, perplexing
  • Example sentence: He asked a baffling question, and the teacher couldn’t figure out what he meant.


  • Definition: large; awkward
  • Synonyms: cumbersome, unwieldy
  • Example sentence: She had to leave her bulky purse at home because it was too bring to take to the stadium.


  • Definition: without grounds or foundation
  • Synonyms: unfounded, unjustifiable, unwarranted
  • Example sentence: This is a false and baseless


  • Definition: confined to bed due to illness or injury
  • Synonyms: ill, infirm, ailing
  • Example sentence: He had to spend two months bedridden with an injury before he left the hospitable.


  • Definition: distasteful, acrid tasting; resentful; difficult to bear
  • Synonyms: harsh, hostile
  • Example sentence: She didn’t mean to be bitter, but she couldn’t help resenting her sister’s success.


  • Definition: chattering endlessly; making a murmuring sound
  • Synonyms: prattling, gibbering, burbling
  • Example sentence: Stop babbling and speak more slowly.


  • Definition: relating to or caused by bacteria
  • Synonyms: viral, pathogenic
  • Example sentence: Cholera is a bacterial


  • Definition: having scanty to no hair on the head; lacking details
  • Synonyms: hairless, bare, unadorned
  • Example sentence: He wears a hat to protect his bald head from the sun.


  • Definition: pleasantly warm or comfortable (regarding the weather)
  • Synonyms: mild, temperate, moderate
  • Example sentence: The air was balmy and pleasant.


  • Definition: easily embarrassed; shy
  • Synonyms: timid, sheepish, self-conscious
  • Example sentence: He is rather bashful and refused to come out of his car for the photograph.


  • Definition: confused
  • Synonyms: baffled, bewildered, stumped
  • Example sentence: She was baffled by her friend’s unexpected response.


  • Definition: charming, fascinating
  • Synonyms: enchanting, attractive, captivating
  • Example sentence: A bewitching smile always captures attention.


  • Definition: plain and direct in address or manner
  • Synonyms: straightforward, brusque, forthright
  • Example sentence: Do not be offended if he gives a blunt response; he is not one to be wordy.


  • Definition: free of bigotry or prejudice; unbiased
  • Synonyms: liberal, open-minded, free-thinking
  • Example sentence: A broadminded man can get along with people from all walks of life.


  • Definition: showing signs of promise or potential in a field
  • Synonyms: developing, nascent, growing
  • Example sentence: The budding writer has had success with her first novel.


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