Adjectives that start with H

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What is an adjective?

In general, an adjective describes or modifies a noun or pronoun.

Many adjectives in the English language begin with the letter H. The perfect adjective starting with “H” always comes in handy when describing happy friends, hot weather, or a horrible case of the Mondays. This guide covers 20 H adjectives in total and shows you how to use them.


List of H adjectives


  • Definition: peaceful or restful, especially in weather
  • Synonyms: calm, idyllic, soothing
  • Example sentence: She smiled as she recalled her childhood’s halcyon


  • Definition: free of disease or injury; strong and healthy
  • Synonyms: robust, flourishing, vigorous
  • Example sentence: His old soldiers, once so hale and spruce, were little more than skeletons.


  • Definition: considered holy or sacred
  • Synonyms: blessed, consecrated, sacrosanct
  • Example sentence: The hallowed family tradition has been passed down for decades.


  • Definition: attractive and good looking in appearance
  • Synonyms: good-looking, beautiful, stylish
  • Example sentence: That guy was a mighty handsome


  • Definition: capable or skilled at a given task
  • Synonyms: able, dexterous, skillful
  • Example sentence: A cell phone is a handy gadget to own.


  • Definition: having good health; possessing wellness
  • Synonyms: hale, hearty, sound
  • Example sentence: I just want it to be healthy.


  • Definition: encouraging or causing cheer
  • Synonyms: reassuring, promising, supportive
  • Example sentence: It is truly heartening to see these changes coming about.


  • Definition: having to do with paradise; something pleasant or joyful
  • Synonyms: celestial, divine, lovely
  • Example sentence: The heavenly smell of the cookies permeated the air.


  • Definition: something beneficial, characterized by improving a situation
  • Synonyms: advantageous, constructive, supportive
  • Example sentence: The instructions are full of helpful photos and useful tips.


  • Definition: having good characteristics, desirable
  • Synonyms: excellent, impressive, valuable
  • Example sentence: I want to buy high-quality fencing for my back yard.


  • Definition: characterized by being funny, causing laughter
  • Synonyms: comical, humorous, jocular
  • Example sentence: This show was entertaining, witty, and downright hilarious.


  • Definition: something considered sacred by one or more religions
  • Synonyms: blessed, hallowed, revered
  • Example sentence: This was the holy grail for a spy!


  • Definition: inviting and comfortable; having a feeling like home
  • Synonyms: comfy, homelike, hospitable
  • Example sentence: The work was rewarding, though, as the house began to take on a homey


  • Definition: speaking truthfully, being sincere
  • Synonyms: candid, forthright, frank
  • Example sentence: At least you’re honest about it.


  • Definition: characterized by honesty and integrity
  • Synonyms: reputable, honest, respectable
  • Example sentence: You are the strongest, most honorable person I’ve ever known.


  • Definition: concerned with promoting human welfare
  • Synonyms: altruistic, philanthropic, humane
  • Example sentence: The humanitarian crisis of the tsunami is not yet over.


  • Definition: not arrogant or overconfident, meek
  • Synonyms: lowly, respectful, self-effacing
  • Example sentence: You sound like a braggart, so you should try to be more humble.


  • Definition: originating from different species of parents
  • Synonyms: mixed-breeds, cross-breeds
  • Example sentence: Her mother is infatuated with hybrid plants.


  • Definition: conducive to good health
  • Synonyms: sanitary, clean, healthful
  • Example sentence: A covered area is more hygienic and keeps bacteria at bay.


  • Definition: overstated, presented in an excessively dramatic manner
  • Synonyms: excessive, hammy, overdramatic
  • Example sentence: Your hyperbolic language is not accurate for the non-fiction genre.

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