Adjectives that start with X

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What is an adjective?

An adjective describes a noun or modifies it.

You may be aware of the fact that there aren’t many adjectives in the English language that begin with X. The reason for this is that the English language lacks a distinctive sound for the consonant X. If you want to come out as cool and informed around your friends and coworkers, you must surely expand your vocabulary to include the extremely uncommon adjectives that start with the letter X. In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several X adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of X adjectives


  • Definition: having blond, auburn, red, or yellowish hair
  • Synonyms: fair complexion, golden or yellow hair
  • Example sentence: All the kids were drawn to the coreopsis flower’s xanthous


  • Definition: especially among the ancient Greeks, related to hospitable interactions between citizens of other cities
  • Synonyms: amiable, hospitable
  • Example sentence: At the party yesterday, he came across as being xenial


  • Definition: related to a synthetic chemical compound that is foreign to an organism
  • Synonyms: xenobiological
  • Example sentence: In my colon, the physicians discovered xenobiotic


  • Definition: friendly and welcoming to strangers
  • Synonyms: ¬†hospitable, friendly
  • Example sentence: Mark is an extremely xenodochial


  • Definition: about or involves tissues or cells from different species of people
  • Synonyms: cellular, atomic
  • Example sentence: The fundamental study of xenogeneic transplantation should be prioritized right now.


  • Definition: being foreign in origin; having its roots somewhere else
  • Synonyms: external, foreign
  • Example sentence: He was xenogenetic, as evidenced by his accent.


  • Definition: related to a rock piece incorporated into another rock.
  • Synonyms: xenolithic
  • Example sentence: Despite thorough searching, no xenolithic rocks like peridotite have been found.


  • Definition: describing a material that lacks its typical crystalline form yet has a shape imprinted by neighboring grains
  • Synonyms: xenomorphic
  • Example sentence: We looked at the characteristics of xenomorphous compounds in the chemistry lab.


  • Definition: characterized by hatred or hostility toward foreigners, whether spoken or implied
  • Synonyms: racial bias, prejudice
  • Example sentence: Xenophobic people should be avoided.


  • Definition: in medicine involving or taking place between distant relatives
  • Synonyms: linked, associated
  • Example sentence: ¬†Xenoplastic characteristics were noted among the cousins.


  • Definition: (of a habitat or ecosystem) exceedingly dry and low in moisture
  • Synonyms: stale, parched
  • Example sentence: Some plants can thrive under xeric


  • Definition: describing a dry copying method wherein portions of an electrically charged surface that have been exposed to light from an image of the duplicated document stick with black or colored powder
  • Synonyms: photographic
  • Example sentence: Due to her use of the xerographic approach, she received a lot of attention.


  • Definition: related to a dry chemical developer-based photoelectric technique for capturing an x-ray picture on a coated metal plate
  • Synonyms: xeroradiographic
  • Example sentence: Due to its low cost, they used to adopt the xeromammographic


  • Definition: related to a plant with minimal water requirements
  • Synonyms: aquatic plants, desert plants
  • Example sentence: Plants with xerophytic characteristics can survive in salty soil.


  • Definition: pertaining to a hot, dry environment
  • Synonyms: vibrant, flaming, burning
  • Example sentence: In certain places, woods along the coast have given way to xerothermic


  • Definition: something with a sword-like form; related to the xiphoid process in anatomy
  • Synonyms: sword-shaped, ensiform
  • Example sentence: In a gallery, I’ve seen a lot of xiphoid


  • Definition: bearing leaves with a sword shape
  • Synonyms: ensiform, xiphoid
  • Example sentence: In my garden, I have a lot of lovely xiphophyllous


  • Definition: related to the craft of engraving wood, particularly for printing
  • Synonyms: woodworking, etching
  • Example sentence: The xylographic printing process was used to print the volume.


  • Definition: having a xylophone-like sound
  • Synonyms: instrumental, musical
  • Example sentence: She stumbled back to her car after hearing the xylophonic ring of her phone.


  • Definition: capable of cutting or boring wood (referring to insects)
  • Synonyms: wood-digging, carving, cutting
  • Example sentence: To deter xylotomous pests in the tropics, wooden structures must be chemically treated.

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