Adjectives that start with Q

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe and define a noun or a pronoun.

Few adjectives start with the letter Q, as this is not so frequently used in the English language. While adjectives that start with Q can keep things quiet, they can make you qualified to write quality works as well. You might become quick with your compliments and produce qualitative creations. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain Q adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences for you to become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of Q adjectives


  • Definition: Something that has a secret or is related to a secret
  • Synonyms: mysterious, mystic, cryptic, strange
  • Example sentence: That apparently easy puzzle has a qabalistic


  • Definition: A medical practitioner who has no medical skills.
  • Synonyms: swindler, fraud, trickster, hoaxer
  • Example sentence: She was convinced that he was a quack after she saw his prescribed medicines.


  • Definition: A structure covered from all four sides.
  • Synonyms: rectangular, castellated, quadrilateral
  • Example sentence: You have to design it in a quadrangular


  • Definition: The depiction of a four-legged animal
  • Synonyms: four-footed, hoofed
  • Example sentence: The footprints ensured them that the unknown animal was quadruped.



  • Definition: A marsh-like land.
  • Synonyms: mushy, spongy, squashy
  • Example sentence: They stumbled into the hidden quaggy.



  • Definition: old-fashioned but attractive in a pleasant manner.
  • Synonyms: charming, attractive, sweet
  • Example sentence: Some industries still have some quaint mode of working.


  • Definition: Something or someone who meets certain requirements
  • Synonyms: certified, licensed, competent
  • Example sentence: He is more than qualified for this job.


  • Definition: Something with a good quality
  • Synonyms: conditional, quality, class, prestigious
  • Example sentence: The company preferred qualitative work from all employees.


  • Definition: Something that belongs to an exceptional standard.
  • Synonyms: classy, status, valuable
  • Example sentence: He is living a quality life after retirement.


  • Definition: Having numerical measurements.
  • Synonyms: quantitative, assessable, computable
  • Example sentence: The loss from that failed order is easily quantifiable.


  • Definition: The systematic isolation from others
  • Synonyms: confined, restrained, isolated
  • Example sentence: The quarantined man was left without any medical treatment.


  • Definition: Someone who is always ready to fight.
  • Synonyms: argumentative, disputatious, combative
  • Example sentence: She was trying to avoid the eyes of her quarrelsome


  • Definition: A feeling of strange nausea.
  • Synonyms: nauseous, sick, unwell
  • Example sentence: She was queasy from the beginning of the trip.


  • Definition: Something that is different from ordinary.
  • Synonyms: unusual, unconventional, eccentric
  • Example sentence: His queer acting touched the audience’s hearts.


  • Definition: Someone with a satisfied thirst.
  • Synonyms: extinguished, content, compensated
  • Example sentence: The swimming might have quenched you, but it famished me.


  • Definition: Something that may have a doubtful solution or method
  • Synonyms: controversial, debatable, dubious
  • Example sentence: Your questionable teaching method will soon jeopardize this school.


  • Definition: Someone with a doubtful perspective over something.
  • Synonyms: Interrogate, debrief
  • Example sentence: He continued the questioning till the morning without a break.


  • Definition: Something that is swift or fast.
  • Synonyms: Fast, rapid, speedy
  • Example sentence: She had a quick lunch and then went to work.


  • Definition: The state of no sound
  • Synonyms: silent, hushed, mute
  • Example sentence: She is quiet but smart.


  • Definition: Someone with some unusual attributes
  • Synonyms: unorthodox, eccentric, strange, odd
  • Example sentence: She started a small business of quirky


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