Adjectives that start with W

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe and define a noun or a pronoun.

Numerous adjectives start with the letter W to describe things that are wonderful and weird. Adjectives that start with W help your writing become whimsical and wonderful. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain W adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences to help you become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of W adjectives


  • Definition: describing the state of crying continuously in pain or anger
  • Synonyms: weeping, lamenting, howling
  • Example sentence: The wailing baby stopped after drinking some milk.


  • Definition: unable to sleep
  • Synonyms: restless, awake, insomniac
  • Example sentence: His wakeful night left him exhausted the next morning.


  • Definition: describing the act of travelling through places without a particular aim
  • Synonyms: roaming, traveling, drifting
  • Example sentence: She met her wandering brother after a decade.


  • Definition: Lacking or missing
  • Synonyms: inadequate, insufficient, imperfect
  • Example sentence: The student was wanting in money, so he found a job.


  • Definition: having a relatively high temperature
  • Synonyms: hot, comfy, temperate
  • Example sentence: She enjoyed warm coffee in the cold weather.


  • Definition: providing caution
  • Synonyms: cautionary, censure, ominous
  • Example sentence: The warning sign should keep potential trespassers away.


  • Definition: describing something that is no longer required or usable
  • Synonyms: scrap, leftover, worthless
  • Example sentence: She kept the waste plate next to her as cracked eggs, so she could place the shells inside as she worked.


  • Definition: watching and observing something with focus
  • Synonyms: observant, aware, vigilant
  • Example sentence: Batman is the watchful protector of Gotham city.


  • Definition: describing something that is not dissolved or ruined by water
  • Synonyms: water-repellent, water-resistant, watertight
  • Example sentence: He put his camera inside the waterproof cover after he saw the storm coming.


  • Definition: failing to decide; moving back and forth between choices
  • Synonyms: conflicted, doubtful, irresolute
  • Example sentence: Her wavering response showed us that she had not formed a solid opinion.


  • Definition: looking or feeling like wax
  • Synonyms: greasy, slick
  • Example sentence: The raindrops rolled off the plant’s waxy leaves.


  • Definition: lacking strength
  • Synonyms: frail, fragile, sick
  • Example sentence: The woman felt weak after she missed her meal.


  • Definition: having a lot of money or wealth
  • Synonyms: rich, affluent, prosperous
  • Example sentence: He became a wealthy man after making several smart business choices.


  • Definition: feeling tired or exhausted
  • Synonyms: fatigued, drowsy, tired
  • Example sentence: He was weary from his long walk.


  • Definition: occurring every week
  • Synonyms: continual, hebdomadal
  • Example sentence: She works for a weekly paycheck, which she receives every Thursday.


  • Definition: describing something that is not generally considered normal
  • Synonyms: strange, odd, absurd
  • Example sentence: She was afraid of the weird tree around the house, which looked like a creature.


  • Definition: playfully amusing
  • Synonyms: quaint, playful
  • Example sentence: He cherished her whimsical sense of humor.


  • Definition: the color of snow
  • Synonyms: colorless, undyed, chalky
  • Example sentence: She mimicked the white swan while she walked.


  • Definition: describing something that covers a good amount of area
  • Synonyms: broad, spacious, vast
  • Example sentence: This dresser is too wide to fit through the door; we’ll have to take it apart to get it inside.


  • Definition: describing something or someone that is unrestrained
  • Synonyms: untamed, unrestricted
  • Example sentence: The flowers grow wild in the field.

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