Adjectives that start with O

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe and define a noun or a pronoun.

Numerous adjectives start with the letter O, which is frequently used in the English language. Good knowledge of O adjectives can make you observant and keep you from being offensive. You will not remain oblivious anymore and will retain an objective view of things. This guide will teach you the definitions of certain adjectives and provide you with synonyms and example sentences for you to become more familiar with their use. In total, this guide will cover 20 adjectives.


List of O adjectives


  • Definition: Someone who willingly performs someone else’s request.
  • Synonyms: compliant, dutiful, duteous, respectful
  • Example sentence: An obedient creature is always easy to handle.


  • Definition: Willing to do as bid.
  • Synonyms: cooperative, accommodating, willing, helpful
  • Example sentence: His obliging manner won many hearts that night.


  • Definition: Something that is completely erased or destroyed.
  • Synonyms: destroyed, erased, deleted, annihilated
  • Example sentence: No geographical evidence is found of the obliterated


  • Definition: The state of not being aware of the surroundings or happenings
  • Synonyms: unaware, unmindful, ignorant
  • Example sentence: They were oblivious of the storm outside.



  • Definition: Something that is uncertain or difficult to understand or observe.
  • Synonyms: unclear, unknown, doubtful, vague
  • Example sentence: It was hard to identify the obscure setting in the dark.



  • Definition: someone with the ability to notice something quickly.
  • Synonyms: sharp, alert, attentive
  • Example sentence: She is a very observant


  • Definition: Someone who focuses continuously on some particular thing
  • Synonyms: consuming, controlling, addictive, compulsive
  • Example sentence: He is obsessive about his grandeur.


  • Definition: Something already in use.
  • Synonyms: busy, inhabited, engaged, absorbed
  • Example sentence: I am occupied with the task at hand.


  • Definition: Something with the most amount of history.
  • Synonyms: senior-most, aged, eldest
  • Example sentence: The oldest mansion in the town fell apart last night.


  • Definition: Having no obligation to choose.
  • Synonyms: voluntary, free, elective
  • Example sentence: The main course is optional at that restaurant.


  • Definition: Something that is normal or without anything distinctive
  • Synonyms: normal, typical, common, standard
  • Example sentence: A good teacher can make a student go from ordinary to extraordinary.


  • Definition: Something that happens outside of the house.
  • Synonyms: rustic, Foreign
  • Example sentence: He arranged a picnic for outdoor


  • Definition: friendly and confident.
  • Synonyms: extrovert, unreserved, affectionate
  • Example sentence: Her outgoing personality helps her make friends easily.


  • Definition: Something that is too good.
  • Synonyms: magnificent, marvelous, exceptional
  • Example sentence: His outstanding performance crazed the crowd.


  • Definition: Taking all things into consideration.
  • Synonyms: general, universal, gross, complete
  • Example sentence: The overall works were hard to scrutinize.


  • Definition: Something that can be won over.
  • Synonyms: control, tame, win over, defeat
  • Example sentence: Overcoming problems was too much for her to handle.


  • Definition: Something that continues throughout the night.
  • Synonyms: nightly, nocturnal
  • Example sentence: She stayed at the party overnight.


  • Definition: Beyond the desirable weight.
  • Synonyms: obese, plump, chubby, fat
  • Example sentence: He was not allowed on the ride because he was overweight.


  • Definition: Something that is possessed by someone.
  • Synonyms: admit, allow, possess
  • Example sentence: She owned two pairs of socks.


  • Definition: Something that has no owner
  • Synonyms: desolate, neglected, alone
  • Example sentence: The beautiful cat seemed ownerless.


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