Adjectives that start with T

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What is an adjective?

An adjective describes a noun or modifies it.

As one of the most common consonants in English, T is the beginning of a lot of adjectives. Adjectives with the letter T might be tricky to learn. All languages value adjectives because they are necessary for the construction of sentences. While this is happening, many of these descriptors are either underutilized or never used at all. Using adjectives that begin with T will help you expand your vocabulary of English words. The list of adjectives beginning with T can be used to easily describe oneself, one’s surroundings, and one’s favorite items. In addition to describing emotions, it can also describe the appearance of objects. In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several T adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of T adjectives


  • Definition: a meal with a flavor that is pleasant and distinct
  • Synonyms: delicious, mouthwatering, yum
  • Example sentence: It’s a tasty


  • Definition: groups or initiatives that are
  • Synonyms: geared, focused, aimed
  • Example sentence: Through targeted initiatives, poverty levels will need to be drastically decreased.


  • Definition: (of an animal) not aggressive toward humans; inland
  • Synonyms: cozy, calm, gentle
  • Example sentence: A tame animal is a cat.


  • Definition: (of a person) reserved or speech ally unaffluent; speak less
  • Synonyms: reticent, non-communicative, untalkative
  • Example sentence: He was a quiet young man, almost taciturn.


  • Definition: having brown or black skin after exposure to the sun
  • Synonyms: caning, flagellating, fustigation
  • Example sentence: He appeared healthy and pale, save for his tanned


  • Definition: Identify a nominee between the ages of 13 and 19
  • Synonyms: youthful, young, teen
  • Example sentence: She is the mother of a teenage daughter from a previous union.


  • Definition: about a specific topic, a form of expression, or a method
  • Synonyms: scientific, practical
  • Example sentence: He was my go-to guy for technical


  • Definition: (particularly muscles) tense or strained
  • Synonyms: stiff, stretched, tense
  • Example sentence: She made an effort to ease her tense


  • Definition: only lasts a short while; it doesn’t last long
  • Synonyms: non-permanent, provisional, interim
  • Example sentence: I work a temporary


  • Definition: of, about, or sent over the phone
  • Synonyms: bleeper, mobile
  • Example sentence: She picked it up after becoming enamored with the song of the telephonic


  • Definition: comprising a large number of closely spaced objects or individuals
  • Synonyms: copious, profuse, dense
  • Example sentence: They had to cross thick wetlands to get to the fortress.


  • Definition: have a desire to drink
  • Synonyms: dry, gasping, dehydrated
  • Example sentence: They are hungry and thirsty.


  • Definition: done or occurred at a fortunate or advantageous time; current
  • Synonyms: prompt, punctual, on time
  • Example sentence: The train arrived at the station in a timely manner.


  • Definition: fatigued and in need of rest
  • Synonyms: worn out, spent, and weary
  • Example sentence: Despite being tired, he continued to work.


  • Definition: highest in standing, gradation, or place
  • Synonyms: highest, uppermost, topmost
  • Example sentence: He got around the corner at top


  • Definition: including number or quantity
  • Synonyms: total, complete, whole
  • Example sentence: There are 65 million people living in the nation in


  • Definition: have acquired a specific skill or behavioral pattern over time through practice and teaching
  • Synonyms: educated, taught, instructed
  • Example sentence: The first officer is a trained pilot as well.


  • Definition: living in a tradition or as a part of one; enduring
  • Synonyms: ordinary, commonplace, enduring
  • Example sentence: She objected to assuming the traditional role of a woman.


  • Definition: being melodic; having a nice tune
  • Synonyms: melodious, melodic, sweet-sounding
  • Example sentence: The album’s opening song is pleasantly


  • Definition: as the light changes from bright to faint, shine
  • Synonyms: dazzling, glittering, flashing
  • Example sentence: The city’s tens of thousands of twinkling lights are matched by a galaxy of shimmering stars.

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