Adjectives that start with N

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What is an adjective?

Adjectives describe or modify nouns.

As one of the most prominent consonants in the English language, the letter is often used as the beginning of adjectives. A sentence cannot be written without adjectives, so they play a crucial role in every language. However, many of these adjectives are underused or unused at all! In writing articles or talking with others, people usually use adjectives that begin with the letter N. Your writing should become nuanced and nice instead of needful and narrative. A good vocabulary should include some adjectives beginning with N so you can spread positivity with your words. In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.


List of N adjectives


  • Definition: of small width concerning the length
  • Synonyms: small, tapered
  • Example sentence: She made her way down the narrow


  • Definition: relating to or characteristic of a nation; common to a whole nation
  • Synonyms: state, public
  • Example sentence: National interest may have justified this policy.


  • Definition: having no name or no known name
  • Synonyms: unnamed, unidentified
  • Example sentence: Pictures were taken by a nameless


  • Definition: in the form of or concerned with narration
  • Synonyms: account, record
  • Example sentence: The narrative quality of the story bored me.


  • Definition: relating to the nose
  • Synonyms: rhinal, mucous
  • Example sentence: Nasal drops are supposed to relieve nasal


  • Definition: (of a time) coming immediately after the time of writing or speaking
  • Synonyms: following, succeeding
  • Example sentence: I will go to Vegas next


  • Definition: unfashionable and socially inept or boringly studious
  • Synonyms: studious, geeky
  • Example sentence: When he was a nerdy kid, he got bullied a lot.


  • Definition: easily agitated or alarmed
  • Synonyms: highly strung, anxious
  • Example sentence: She is a very sensitive, nervous


  • Definition: failing to take proper care of something
  • Synonyms: careless, neglectful
  • Example sentence: In supervising the children in care, the council had been negligent.


  • Definition: necessary
  • Synonyms: requisite, needed
  • Example sentence: I told her as much as I thought needful of the facts.


  • Definition: of or containing nitrogen with a higher valency, often five
  • Synonyms: trimethylamine, nitrous
  • Example sentence: Nitric acid is a strong colorless acid.


  • Definition: (of the weather) chilly
  • Synonyms: cold, chilly
  • Example sentence: It’s a bit nippy out there.


  • Definition: (of the mind) capable of quick thinking and understanding
  • Synonyms: fast-witted, quick-thinking
  • Example sentence: It was amazing how nimble his mind was, and how quick he was to learn.


  • Definition: particularly good, skillful, or effective
  • Synonyms: skillful, capable
  • Example sentence: It was a nifty little gadget.


  • Definition: giving pleasure or satisfaction; pleasant or attractive
  • Synonyms: enjoyable, pleasant
  • Example sentence: I had a very nice


  • Definition: conforming to an established standard; typical or usual
  • Synonyms: typical, average
  • Example sentence: Having a weekend holiday is quite normal.


  • Definition: interestingly new or unusual
  • Synonyms: new, original
  • Example sentence: Electric cars are still a novel concept in many countries.


  • Definition: showing too much curiosity about other people’s affairs
  • Synonyms: prying, inquisitive
  • Example sentence: I have very nosy


  • Definition: making or given to making a lot of noise
  • Synonyms: rowdy, boisterous
  • Example sentence: Mary’s in-laws are very noisy.


  • Definition: worthy of attention or notice
  • Synonyms: noteworthy, remarkable
  • Example sentence: Her gardens are notable for their collection of roses.

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