Adjectives that start with R

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What is an adjective?

An adjective describes a noun or modifies it.

R is a common consonant in English, which explains the large number of adjectives that begin with it. Learning adjectives that start with R might be challenging, but adjectives are essential to the writing of sentences and are therefore important in all languages. Many of these descriptors are either underused or never used at all. You may easily increase the number of adjectives in your English vocabulary by using more that start with R. As a general rule, it is advisable to focus on the most prevalent adjectives beginning with the letter R in any writing or speaking. These R adjectives are frequently used as complements and to describe people or things. In this guide, you will learn the definitions of several adjectives and examples of how to use them. This guide will cover 20 adjectives in total.

List of R adjectives


  • Definition: (of an occurrence, circumstance, or state) not frequently occurring
  • Synonyms: rare, uncommon, sparse
  • Example sentence: She has a brain condition that is quite


  • Definition: referring to the major groups into which humanity may be categorized based on physical traits or common ancestry
  • Synonyms: cultural, racial, ethnic
  • Example sentence: Racial discrimination should not be tolerated.


  • Definition: (of weather, a time frame, or location) having or being distinguished by significant rainfall
  • Synonyms: Wet, rainy, damp
  • Example sentence: The rainy season has arrived, so we need to prepare for possible flooding.


  • Definition: made, completed, or occurring without technique or deliberate choice
  • Synonyms: unplanned, impromptu, casual
  • Example sentence: I don’t think too much about what I listen to; I like to play random songs that come on the radio.


  • Definition: occurring quickly or in a short amount of time
  • Synonyms: quick, swift, fast
  • Example sentence: Thankfully, the patient made a rapid


  • Definition: according to or based on reason or logic
  • Synonyms: logical, rational, prudent
  • Example sentence: His confusing actions have no rational


  • Definition: harsh or rough in tone
  • Synonyms: harsh, throaty, scratchy
  • Example sentence: The voices of both males were deep and raspy.


  • Definition: (of fabric or clothing) worn out and torn
  • Synonyms: frayed, torn, ripped
  • Example sentence: The kids’ clothing was ragged and needed to be replaced.


  • Definition: uncontrolled or unfettered spread (particularly of something unwanted)
  • Synonyms: untamed, unregulated, uncontrollable
  • Example sentence: The government was troubled by rampant


  • Definition: fit for a task or circumstance; completely equipped
  • Synonyms: set, prepared, coordinated
  • Example sentence: We were ready to leave.


  • Definition: actual, not imagined or presumed; existing as a thing or taking place in reality
  • Synonyms: existing, factual
  • Example sentence: Julius Caesar was a real historical figure.


  • Definition: having great judgment; being fair
  • Synonyms: logical, decent
  • Example sentence: He is a reasonable man, so I know he will listen to both sides of the argument.


  • Definition: having started or occurred close to the present time
  • Synonyms: fresh, modern, new
  • Example sentence: The recent flood has led to many closed roads in the area, which will open once they dry.


  • Definition: describing a color next to orange in the color spectrum; the color of blood or rubies
  • Synonyms: ruby, vermilion, scarlet (these are shades of red)
  • Example sentence: Fire engines are often red, so they can be seen easily from a distance.


  • Definition: forming a clear pattern, particularly with the same distances between individual instances
  • Synonyms: orderly, systematic, methodical
  • Example sentence: She is a regular customer at the pizza shop, so the waiter always expects to see her on Friday evenings.


  • Definition: having a lot of wealth or resources; affluent
  • Synonyms: wealthy, well-off, prosperous
  • Example sentence: I assume he is a rich man because he owns three large houses.


  • Definition: morally righteous; correct
  • Synonyms: fair, just, good, accurate
  • Example sentence: It was hard returning that wallet with so much money inside, but it was the right thing to do.


  • Definition: having the potential for risk, failure, or loss
  • Synonyms: treacherous, hazardous, dangerous
  • Example sentence: It can be risky to purchase a used vehicle.


  • Definition: absurd; worthy of contempt or ridicule
  • Synonyms: hilarious, comical, or joking
  • Example sentence: He was dressed in that ridiculous mask, which made us laugh.


  • Definition: exceedingly meticulous and cautious
  • Synonyms: careful, vigilant, focused
  • Example sentence: The company’s selection procedure is based on rigorous examinations of expertise and background.

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