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How to Format Versions in MLA 8

In some cases there may be numerous versions of a specific source, and you’ll want to be sure you indicate the version you’re citing.  This happens most often with books, which can have several editions still in print.  Other examples include director’s cuts of movies and radio edits of songs.  When citing a specific version of a source:

  • Always use the symbol for a number instead of spelling it out.  For example, use 4th ed. Instead of Fourth ed,, regardless of how it appears on the source itself.
  • Abbreviate ed. for edition and rev. for revised (example: use 4th ed. NOT 4th edition)

The following are examples of how full citations for sources with numerous versions might look:


How to Cite Book Editions in MLA 8:

Nist-Oljenik, Sherrie, and Jodi Patrick Holschuh. College Rules! How to Study, Survive,

and Succeed in College. 3rd ed., Ten Speed Press, 2011.

Ferber, Richard. Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems. Revised ed., Simon & Schuster,

2006, Google Books,



How to Cite the Bible in MLA 8:

The Holy Bible. New International Version, Zondervan, 2011.


How to Cite Versions of Movies in MLA 8

Old School, Directed by Todd Phillips, Unrated Version, Paramount, 2003,

Amazon Prime,



How to Cite Versions of Songs in MLA 8

Le Grand, Fedde. Put Your Hands Up for Detroit. Radio edit, Flamingo Records/

Ultra Records, 2006, Spotify,



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