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How to Format Other Contributors in MLA 8

In addition to authors, there may be other contributors who are important to include in the citation, especially if their individual work was important to your assignment.


To correctly cite the contributions of these individuals, make sure you state their specific role, followed by the word “by” and then add their first and last name.


Some common roles:

edited by

translated by

directed by

performance by


The full citation might look like this:

Callendar, G.S. “The Artificial Production of Carbon Dioxide and Its

Influence on Temperature.” The Global Warming Reader, edited 

by Bill McKibbin, Penguin Books, 2011. Google Books,



Here is an example of how to cite contributions by a translator:

de Saint-Exupery, Antoine. The Little Prince. Translated by Richard Howard,

HMH Books for Young Readers, 2013.


How to Cite a Movie or Television Show

For movies and television shows, there may be multiple people who are responsible for the project. Include the names of the individuals who are most relevant to your research, or the ones upon whom you’ve placed your focus.  


The full citation might look like this:

Home Alone, produced by John Hughes, performance by Macaulay Culkin,

29th Century Fox, 1990.


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