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How to Format the Location in MLA 8

In many cases, your readers will want to view your cited sources for themselves.  This is why it’s important to provide the precise location within a source from which you took your information.  The way this information is included in a citation differs by source:


For Print Resources:

  • Include any page ranges to help readers locate the specific information themselves.
  • When citing one page, place ‘p.’ prior to the page number.
  • For a range of pages, use “pp.” prior to the page numbers

Example of a Single Page Location:

Weir, Andy. The Martian, Reprint Edition. Broadway Books. 2014, p. 84.


Example of a Multiple Page Location:

Chopin, Kate. The Awakening, Avon Books, 1994, pp. 18-24.


For Online Sources:

When citing online sources, the location is the URL or DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.  Keep in mind that:

  • When there is one available, the DOI is favored over a URL, because while URLs often change, the DOI will always stay the same..
  • When including a URL, use a permalink whenever possible, because it is generally more stable and shorter in length.


Bui, Hoang. “How to Get Financial Freedom When You Can’t Increase Your

Salary.” Elite Daily, Mar. 30, 2016,


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Academic Libraries.” College and Research Libraries, July 2014. ERIC,



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