How to Cite Pokemon GO in MLA Format


Ask students to have a little fun by making them cite the most recent national craze: Pokemon GO.

Apps have become a ubiquitous part of modern life. Just think of how many apps you use everyday in the classroom and at home. It’s probably not a stretch to think that someday a student will also need to cite one for a paper.

I’m using Pokemon GO as an example since I love it (and who wouldn’t want the ability to use Pikachu in an assignment?), but you can have students cite any app using the same information below. For example, an app you use in school, like EasyBib (Android / iOS).

Gathering Information

Apps can be cited as software in MLA 7; you’ll use a lot of the same information to create a citation in MLA 8. Some details can be found on the app itself, but the bulk of information you need will be on the app’s page in Google Play or the Apple App Store.

You will need the following pieces of information. The information I’m using for Pokemon GO is in orange:

  • Author: Creator of the app. Format as: Last name, First name. Most apps will have only a company listed and no author. In those cases, leave the author blank. None
  • Software/App Title: Title of the app. Pokemon GO
  • Type: If it’s an app on your smartphone or tablet it is “Computer software.” Computer software
  • Website/Container Title: Where did you get the app? This is usually the “Apple App Store” or “Google Play.” Apple App Store
  • Version: What version did you view? 1.3.1
  • Publisher/Sponsor Name: Put the name of the company that produced the app. For the Apple App Store, it will under the “Seller.” For Google Play it will be under “Offered By.” Niantic, Inc.
  • Date Electronically Published: Last date the software was updated. Format it as: Day Mon. Year. 10 Aug. 2016
  • Date Accessed: The date you access the app when citing it. Format it as: Day Mon. Year. 16 Aug. 2016
  • URL: Add the URL of the app page in the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

MLA 7  

This is the general format for citing software in MLA 7. I also recommend also using our EasyBib form for citing software for a guided way to create the citation.


Author. Italicized Software/App Title. Type. Italicized Website Title. Vers. #. Publisher/Sponsor Name, Date Electronically Published. Web. Date Accessed.  URL.

Actual Citation:

Pokemon GO. Computer software. Apple App Store. Vers. 1.3.1. Niantic, Inc., 10 Aug. 2016. Web. 16 Aug. 2016. //

MLA 8 

MLA 8 uses one standard citation format for all source types. Here’s one way to cite Pokemon GO with the most commonly used fields in the new container format.


Author. Italicized Title of Source (App Title). Container one version #, Container one publisher’s name, Container one date of publication. Title of Container Two, Container Two Location (URL).

Actual Citation:

Pokemon GO. Version 1.3.1, Niantic, Inc., 10 Aug. 2016. Apple App Store,

If you have a particularly studious student, you can also have them cite individual articles in the Pokedex about their favorite Pokemon. For example:

“001 Bulbasaur.” Pokemon GO. Version 1.3.1, Niantic, Inc., 10 Aug. 2016. Apple App Store,


We have already begun working on EasyBib support for MLA 8, and expect it to be ready this fall. We recognize that some schools may take some time to adopt MLA 8, so we will continue to support MLA 7 as part of our offerings. Also, we have a collection of citations guides for MLA format in for both editions.

Keep an eye out for this new style coming soon to an EasyBib near you!

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