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How to Cite a Website in Chicago


Last name, First name. “Article Title.” Website Title. Month Date, Year of publication. Accessed Month Date, Year of access. URL


Limer, Eric. “Heck Yes! The First Free Wireless Plan is Finally Here.” Gizmodo. October 1, 2013. Accessed February 18, 2014. http://gizmodo.com/heck-yes-the-first-free-wireless-plan-is-finally-here-1429566597.

Cain, Kevin. “The Negative Effects of Facebook on Communication.” Social Media Today. June 29, 2012. Accessed March 3, 2014. http://socialmediatoday.com/kcain/568836/negative-effects-facebook-communication.

Make sure to:

  • Include the date accessed if the publication date is not provided.

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