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Creating accurate citations for a research paper can be a challenge for writers of all skill levels, especially if they’re new to a citation style or to citing in general. That’s why the team here at is dedicated to making this process as simple as possible for both students and educators.

With that goal in mind, we created a citation template for Chicago style, one of the most popular citation style options on our platform. You can find similar templates for MLA and APA styles among our guides as well.

The template below is a one-stop shop for citing the most common source types in Chicago style, and includes valuable information on formatting and text treatment. Included are formulas for citing books, journals, websites, and so much more. Using the template is easy! Simply find the information in your source that matches up with the components in the template and create your citations to match. That’s it!  Be sure to adhere to the proper rules for punctuation, italics, quotations marks, and brackets displayed in the template. Every detail on the template incorporates the requirements within the latest version of The Chicago Manual of Style: 17th Edition.

Infographic of Chicago citation templates

This template is a resource that can be used over and over again and is meant to be shared! To access it whenever you like, bookmark the page, print it as a handout, share the URL, or even add the link to your classroom blog or website. It can be used as a teaching tool for how to create accurate citations in Chicago style, or as a way for students to check the accuracy of their citations before handing in their papers. Our goal at is to take the stress away from creating citations so that students and teachers can focus on creating great pieces of writing. This template is just one way that we hope to do that!

Want to have even more confidence in your paper’s citations? Try out our plagiarism checker. With this tool, you can get instant feedback on your grammar and view potential plagiarism red flags. Try it out for your next writing assignment!

Ready to switch gears and focus on grammar? Check out our EasyBib grammar guides and learn about action verbs, relative pronouns, common nouns, and more!

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