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How to Cite Interview in Chicago/Turabian

How to Cite an Interview Published in a Magazine, Newspaper, Website or on TV/Radio


Interviewee Last, First M. “Interview Title.” Interview by First M. Last. Magazine Name, Month Date, Year.

Magazine Cover

How to Cite an Article on Interview (or Online Transcript):

Use the title of the interview, the name of the interviewer and interviewee and pages from the article within the magazine.


Obama, Michelle. “Oprah Talks to Michelle Obama.” Interview by Oprah Winfrey. O, The Oprah Magazine, April 1, 2009.

How to Cite an Unpublished Interview

Unpublished interviews are normally only cited in text or in notes, but if you include it an unpublished interview in a bibliography, the citation should include the name of the interviewee, the interviewer, some identifying information if necessary or appropriate, the place and date of the interview, and where a transcript or recording is available if it is.


First name Last name of interviewee (identifying information), interviewed by First name Last name of interviewer at Location, Date.


Emily Gover (Information Literacy Librarian,, interviewed by Allison Cloyd, New York, NY, July 2014, transcript, EasyBib Archives, New York City, New York.


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