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Teaching Insights: How to Model Effective Writing

Do you remember learning to drive? You probably didn’t learn by reading a how-to manual or listening to your parents lecture about driving. Most likely, you watched your parents operate a car while giving you step-by-step instructions. You probably learned through demonstrations and practice.  It’s the same way in education, […]

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Teaching Students to Judge Credibility 

One of the most important skills students need to be equipped with in today’s society is judging the credibility of sources. In the past, gatekeepers mediated all information that was dispersed to the public. Nowadays, anyone with a computer can project their voice out to the masses. This technology is […]

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6 Ways to Save Time Grading Essays

Teachers have a lot on their plates, but one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks is grading student essays. Even if you give your students a 2-page limit, grading 150 papers can take hours. It’s difficult to give each of your students the specific, helpful feedback you want to […]