Fun classic games to play during a study break


When you’re in the middle of writing a paper, you might start to feel the onset of writer’s block. Suddenly, ideas stop coming to you and it becomes harder to write.

Fortunately, by taking regular breaks, you can keep your mind fresh so when you get back to writing, your ideas will flow. Here are some classic games to play for a quick study break.

Spider Solitaire 

Spider Solitaire is a very popular two-deck game. This game was invented in 1947, and it got its name because of the eight piles that need to be sequenced in the game, reflecting eight spider legs. Spider Solitaire is considered one of the most fun and challenging solitaire games because of its potential to make an in-depth analysis. If you want to play this game, you need to remove all the cards from the stockpile, and sequence them in order from Ace to King in all eight piles. You can play with one suit, two suits, or four suites. Try to play spider solitaire.

FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire is different from Spider Solitaire. The game has all 52 card decks faced-up from the beginning of the game. Microsoft released this game in 1995, and it comes with every release of their operating system. This game has four open foundations and four open cells. The top card of each downward fanned pile can be moved within the tableau underneath a card of a different color and a high number. They can also be moved into one of the free cells, helping you move and sequence cards around the tableau. You win the game once you place all the cards in their foundation piles. Try playing FreeCell


Mahjong is an entertaining tile game invented during the Qing dynasty in China and became popular around the world in the early 20th century. The physical board game can be played with 3 or 4 players, and there are 144 tiles with Chinese symbols and characters. There are plenty of variations for this game, but each player begins with 13 tiles in most cases. The computer game is a single-player game and is played differently than the board game. In this version, you get 144 tiles arranged in a four-layer pattern and are faced upwards. Your job here is to match identical tiles that can be seen. Once you match all of the identical tiles on the pattern, you win the game. Test your luck by playing Mahjong.


Minesweeper is a puzzle video game invented in the 1960s and later made for Windows and other platforms. It has a lot of variations, and each one of them contains hidden mines. Your job here is not to detonate them with help from the surrounding numbers. They are indicators of how many bombs or mines are around. This game is fun and requires you to use your brain because you can’t make mistakes. Once you detonate a mine, you lose, and you will have to start over. 


There are a lot of ways to take a break while studying. Try one of these games. You’ll not only have fun, but when you return to your paper, you’ll be ready to write.

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