Try This Information Literacy Game and Become a Better Writer


One EasyBib mission is to make you a better writer. While we focus on building tools that can improve the writing process, we also recognize that information literacy skills are tremendously important. 

With the Internet, information literacy skills help you assess fact from fiction, allowing you to research more effectively and create better arguments for your papers. For example, understanding that Wikipedia should often not be cited because it is a reference resource that anyone can edit, is an important information literacy skill. Recognizing that Quora has answers from non-authoritative sources is another example of a skill good writers should develop. 

With all the information on the Internet, you need critical thinking to find and discern the best sources for your paper. These skills will help you pick up things like bias or if a publisher has a hidden agenda, which can then be used appropriately in your paper. 

Well aware of the importance of information literacy, the team at Solitaired put together an information literacy solitaire game where each card provides pointers on how to develop these skills. We hope you enjoy the game, and learn to be an even better writer!

information literacy solitaire cards

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